Action Points are the system used in the Valkyria Chronicles games to determine how far a unit is able to move in a given Command Point. All units have a set number of Action Points determined by their class, which usually undergoes a single increase as they level up.

Units do not have to use all their AP during their current Action; however, if the Action is ended with AP remaining, they are lost rather than carried over to any subsequent Action that character makes in the same turn.

Degradation with multiple selectionEdit

A unit can be controlled as many times as there are CP available in the current turn, but their available Action Points decrease each time they are controlled.

  • First CP: maximum AP
  • Second CP: 2/3 maximum AP
  • Third CP: 1/3 maximum AP
  • Fourth CP and later: 50 AP

This occurs regardless of whether the unit is actually moved.

Action Points by classEdit


Infantry units can turn on the spot for free, only using Action Points when they are actually moving. All normal infantry have an Action Point increase when they reach Level 11 (Elite) status.

  • Scouts start with 800 Action Points, increasing to 900.
  • Shocktroopers start with 350 Action Points, increasing to 450.
  • Lancers start with 350 Action Points, increasing to 400.
  • Engineers start with 600 Action Points, increasing to 650.
  • Snipers start with 250 Action Points, increasing to 300.

The Scout Potential "Double Movement" gives a chance of restoring their full AP when they run out, potentially allowing a Scout to have 1,800 AP in a single CP.


As well as using Action Points to move, a Tank has to use Action Points to turn its body. It's important to be wary of this, since a tank turns relative to the current position of the camera rather than moving in the direction the stick is pushed like an infantry unit; turning left and right use the tank's left and right, not the player's. This makes it easy to waste Action Points with unwanted turns; positioning the camera directly to the tank's rear before attempting any important movement is usually a good idea.

  • The Edelweiss starts with 350 Action Points, increasing to 450 when the upgrade "Reinforced Body" is purchased for 13,800 Ducats.
  • The Shamrock has 550 Action Points, and no upgrade increases this.

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