Alicia Melchiott
VC2 Alicia (TV)
Unit Class Scout-insigniaScout
Likes Welkin Gunther
Voice Acting
Japanese Marina Inoue

Alicia Melchiott makes a non-canon appearance in Valkyria Chronicles 2 as a recruitable, hidden character, but this only occurs in the Japanese version of the game. She was completely localized (and indeed has English voice files still left in the game), but cannot be accessed due to licensing issues.


Base StatsEdit

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout 145 450 30 12 8

Max StatsEdit

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 211 650 52 33 13
Heavy Scout 264 450 48 16 6
Sniper Elite 123 250 61 19 7
AT Sniper 176 250 66 19 8

Personal PotentialsEdit

  • Baker - Living their dream raises their defenses.
  • Scornful Eyes - They can't believe they have to deal with this, lowering their defense.
  • Swaying Heart - Thinking about the two people always on their mind raises their evasive skills.
  • Place To Belong - Finding a place they belong raises firing accuracy, defense and resistance to status ailments.

Battle PotentialsEdit

Class Potentials
  • Evasion Boost - Raises evasive skills.
  • Resist Boost - Raises resistance to status ailments.
  • Full HP Recover - Fully recovers HP after finishing an attack.
Scout Veteran
Scout Elite
Heavy Scout
Sniper Elite
AT Sniper


Squad Leader Voice
"Moving out."
"My turn, okay?"
"Please hit!"
Killing a foe
"Enemy neutralized!"
Enemy Sighted
"Enemy sighted."
"Enemy unit spotted."
Team Attack
"Count me in!"
"I'll help too!"
"I'll help, Welkin!" (Welkin)
Personal Potentials
"Think this would taste good in bread?" (Baker)
"Ugh... I can't believe you!" (Scornful Eyes)
"What is this I'm feeling?" (Swaying Heart)
"This squad is my home!" (Place To Belong)
Battle Potentials
"OK, doing well!"
"Heh, here I come!"
Healed by Ragnaid
"Thank you."
Rescuing an Ally
"Please help!"
After Medic Visit
"Welkin? Welkin! No, don't leave me!" (Welkin)
HP Critical
"I'll... survive."
"This can't be good."
"Help... me..."
"Sorry, everyone. I'll be good and go rest up."
Revived by Medic
"Thank you."
Status Ailment
"Ugh, I'm dragging today..."
Class G
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