Angelica Farnaby
VC4 Angelica Farnaby
Alias Angie
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Ayane Sakura[1]

Angelica Farnaby (アンジェリカ・ファーナビー Anjerika Fānabī?) is a character from Valkyria Chronicles 4. A civilian girl who lost her memories. She is cheerful, selfless, and kind, and gains sudden popularity among the soldiers. There is also a scene where she confronts the “Witch of the Snowstorm.”[1]

Angelica is an energetic and brave civilian girl who finds her way into Squad E. When they found her, she could not remember anything except her name. Much about her is unknown, including the events that led to her involvement with Squad E. [2]




Rather than have a child-like selfishness, she is a kind-hearted character who cares about those around her. She is offered protection under the care of the military physician, but proposes to help by taking care of meals, laundry, cleaning, and so on. Her cheerful personality has also made her popular among the helper soldiers, who nicknamed her “Ange.”[2]


A chipper civilian girl who stumbled upon Squad E through strange circumstances. Nicknamed "Angie," she is beloved by the entire squad for her eagerness to help. She seems to be suffering from amnesia, and can only remember her own name.



  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, her name is spelled "Angelica Farnavi" in English.



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