Basil Sabancci

Basil Sabancci
Basil Sabanci
Affiliation Circle of Five
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Yūki Kaji[1]
English TBA

Basil Sabancci (バジル・サバンジュ Bajiru Sabanju?) is a young man affiliated with the Jutland Kingdom and one of the "Circle of Five' who appears as an ally in Valkyria Revolution.

Enlightened to his own powerlessness, Basil is the man that gained the “power” that should be his through “financial muscle” on the day he vowed revenge. He inherited the Magic Arts Industry company that was run by his adoptive father, rapidly increased its performance, both good and evil, and deep dived into the Kingdom’s financial world. He supports his revenge and the war monetarily. He has a cheerful and mischievous personality, is very friendly, and can easily get close to his enemies.[2]


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