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Brigitte Ulrich

Brigitte Ulrich
Brigitte Ulrich
Height 170cm
Affiliation Vanargand
Rank(s) Sergeant
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Yu Shimamura
English TBA

Brigitte Ulrich (ブリギッタ・ウルリッヒ Burigitta Ururihhi?) is a member of the Vanargand in Valkyria Revolution. A former instructor. She is serious, and a staunchly intelligent who sometimes seems cold, but is good at taking care of people. She is like another person altogether when she holds a gun.[1]


Due to her patriotism and strong sense of justice, she submitted herself aptitude inspection when the Vanargand was being formed. She wasn't very skilled but they recognized her potential so she joined the corps and now she's a sergeant. She was raised in a household of teachers so she's very serious and intelligent but supposedly she's another person entirely when she holds a gun...[2]


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