Brunhild Profile
Alias God of Death
Grim Reaper
Affiliation Ruzhien Empire
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Maaya Sakamoto[1]
English Sarah Alainn (singing)
"Turning the tide of battle in Valkyria Revolution is Brunhilde, one of the last of the ancient and powerful Valkyrur, magical beings with near limitless power. She’s bound by oath to the enemy forces and players will have to figure out how to defeat her."
—SEGA Press Release Description

Brunhilde (ブリュンヒルデ Buryunhirude?) is a Valkyria who sided with the Ruzhien Empire and wields a massive scythe in battle. She is one of the main antagonists in Valkyria Revolution.


"An immortal entity known as the Valkyria whose alchemical power, called a "galdr," brings death to all who hear it. She serves Emperor Klaudiusz, who has deployed the godlike power of this "Reaper" to crush any nation that dares to oppose Ruz."
—Website Description

Following her defeat at the hands of the Amleth, she reverts back into the form of the woman who served as her vessel, Maria Schmeichel.


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