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Randgriz Castle

Castle Randgriz, seat of Gallia's ruler Cordelia Gi Randgriz, marks the iconic heart of the capital. Its single magnificent tower has been likened to a unicorn's horn, giving rise to the national crest that bears the likeness of the mythical beast. The Castle's Audience Hall is part of Headquarters.


The castle was constructed at the end of the War of the Valkyrur as a place for the royal family to rule from, making it one of the oldest buildings in Europa. The castle also contains quarters for the Gallian Royal Guard who protect Randgriz.

Valkyria ChronicleEdit

During the invasion of Gallia, Maximilian attacks the citadel with his Land-Dreadnought, the Marmota, in order to retrieve the Valkof; this powerful weapon was hidden in the central tower after the War of the Valkyrur. The castle is heavily damaged during this attack.

After the war, a new tower was built where the Valkof was. The names of the men and women who died for Gallia, including Isara Gunther, were engraved on its wall.

Valkyria Chronicle IIIEdit

The Nameless must defend the Castle gate for a few turns as it's besieged by the Calamity Raven led by Dahau.

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