ヴァーゼル近郊戦 第二戦
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Area Effect None
Number of units 5: Kurt, Bruno, Rutz, Alois, Willem
CP Start ?, ? per turn
SP 3
Turns for A rank 2
Objectives Enemy base camp captured
Failure conditions Kurt dies
20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Enemy ace(s) None


Kurt Irving, a renowned prodigy of Lanseal Academy, is given command of the Gallian troops, the lines murmur dissatisfaction as this is only Kurt's second mission, even though his virgin mission was a resounding success.

Kurt reveals his plan to defeat the Imperial forces, and this is to split the army into two portions, a frontline force comprising merely of 5 men, and the rest of the forces circling around for a surprise attack. The men are naturally shocked and unsure, but follow his command. The Imperials are successfully deceived by the tactic, thinking the split forces that took the roundabout route to be a smaller distraction, it is thus that Kurt's plan wins the day.

Mission Briefing

VC3 Chapter 01 Becoming Nameless (Pt.) 2 Map


VC3 Chapter 01 Becoming Nameless (Pt.) 2 Area 1 VC3 Chapter 01 Becoming Nameless (Pt.) 2 Area 2


Base Reward
EXP 800
DCT 600
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan None
Ace Drop 1 None
Ace Drop 2 None
Other Reward
Other Reward None


Following their successful capture of the target point, the soldiers stand in awe of Irving's skill. They spot the rest of the army gathering, and among them Kurt catches sight of a group in unusual uniform whom he does not recognize. Nearby, Riela sits with the Commander of the Nameless, pleading for the wounded man to survive. Gusurg urges her to stand and continue to take the fight to the enemy. At a loss for who they are, one of Kurt's squadmates explains who and what the Nameless are, with all the haughty arrogance of a man who knows them only by reputation.

Blaming herself, Riela sobs over her former Commander's corpse as Kurt looks on. His thoughts are interrupted by Major General Carl Isler who also compliments him on his work in the operation. Kurt's squad redouble their praise, marveling at how utterly perfect his future must look, with such compliments from so high ranking an officer.

Back at headquarters, Kurt searches for and finds Major General Isler's office, only to be shoved aside before he can enter. He ponders how unusual it is for a civilian to be running about a military facility, and spies a letter the civilian dropped in his hurry. As it is addressed to Major General Isler, he dutifully delivers it to him himself.

Following a brief meeting, Major General Isler sits alone in his office, wondering if Kurt had looked at the contents of the letter. Forced to assume that it is possible, he makes a dreadful decision regarding Kurt...


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