"The first heroine of “Valkyria Chronicles” who all CharaGumin series fans have been waiting for! Enjoy assembling her brave, smiling face and her gentle bodyline!! Every detail of her ammunition has been faithfully reproduced, starting from her favorite “Gallian” rifle, to hand grenades, characteristic shoulder, arm and leg clothing and boots."
—Volks English Website

A CharaGumin figure of Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles.

  • Scale: 1/8 scale
  • Material: Color Resin
  • Manufacturer: Volks
  • Sculptor: Takami Toshiaki (Zoukei-mura)
  • Height: 200mm (7.8 in)
  • Release date: October 28, 2012
  • Price: ¥12,000 (¥12,600 with tax)

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