Ghostly Vengeance
VC2 Mission Ghostly Vengeance
Terrain Grass, Dirt
Area Effect Mist
Number of units 5: Avan, Lavinia + 3
CP Start 11, 11 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 6 turns
Objectives Boss-insigniaGhost Tank defeated
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Allied base camp captured
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles Tank-insigniaHvy Tank C

Boss-insigniaGhost Tank

Enemy officers Sniper-insigniaAnti-Tank Sniper

Gunner-insigniaHeavy Gunner
Mortarer-insigniaHeavy Mortarer

Enemy ace(s) none


In the briefing room, Hubert informs Avan of a tank bearing a large lance has been sighted.

Later, he heads to find Lavinia, still struggling to come to terms with her past.

Avan reassures her, even going so far as to bring the whole class to come comfort her. With her feeling better, the Class deploys on their mission.

Mission BriefingEdit

A ghost tank has been sighted in Leanbluff forest.

Destroy the ghost tank in area 3.

Avan and Lavinia must deploy.


The only way to cause decent damage to the Ghost Tank is to blast the radiator with either a Lancer Elite (Preferably one with Max Anti-Armor Class potential as this will do lethal damage (Strength example: at lvl 50 with best default Theimer, a Heavy Lancer with this potential can 1 hit kill a heavy tank) or a high level tank shell (Captured turrets work extremely well as these are lighter than the ones you can develop and allow you to use the 1 CP tank body) (Tank shells are more effective, but cost more CP).

Getting a lancer to the rear of it is sometimes lethal as its fast firing gun can clip lots of health of each hit. Its main cannon will do about 500 damage and its fast firing weapon will lightly damage (About 25+) your tank (If it is Light or Medium) as it moves around. Using an APC against it is pointless. Using a mauler is also a good way to kill it, although the AI may also try to hospitalize maulers nearby.


Base Reward
EXP 45,868
DCT 37,740
Weapon Parts Melee Parts Exp Maul Mech C
Enemy Ace Reward
Copper LV2 Copper B Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper C Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper A Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak C Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper B Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper A Lv2
Plywood LV3 Plywood C Lv3
Plywood LV3 Plywood B Lv3
Plywood LV3 Plywood A Lv3
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper C Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood B Lv2
Plywood LV3 Plywood B Lv3
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Plywood LV3 Plywood C Lv3
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Other Rewards

The "wounded heart" potential is replaced by the "tank mastery" potential in Lavinia. Lavinia becomes closer with Avan.


After defeating the Ghost Tank, Lavinia calls Avan by his brother's name. She continues by telling "Leon" that they can all rest in peace, knowing that the Ghost Tank has been defeated. As they are preparing to head back, Lavinia offers rides back to Lanseal on her tank. Everyone begins to hop on her tank, and she yells at them, stating that she "can't carry all [of them] back." Avan calls Lavinia a friend, and she replies with how similar Avan and Leon are.


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