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Rescuing Pete
Pete 2
Terrain Leanbluff Forest
Time of day Unknown
Area Effect Mist
Number of units 6- Avan, Zeri, Pete
CP Start 8, >2 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 3
Objectives All enemy units defeated
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Pete falls in combat
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers None
Enemy ace(s) None


In the classroom of Class G, Zeri confronts Pete about him constantly competing with Zeri at every moment of the day. When Avan rushes in to stop the fight, Pete defends himself by declaring a honest challenge to Zeri. And if Zeri doesn't accept, then Pete will not declare Zeri worthy. Zeri accepts, on the terms of this challenge being the last of all challenges. As Cosette bursts into the classroom with orders to deploy, Pete challenges Zeri to see who performs the best on this mission.

Just before the mission starts, Avan warns Zeri to not to compromise the mission because of this challenge. Avan tries to warn Pete, but it turns out he snuck into the enemy base camp and got spotted. Cosette spots him alone, and Avan rallies Class G to rescue Pete.

Mission BriefingEdit

Pete has been surrounded by enemy soldiers after going off alone.

Class G must defeat all enemy units in each area after rejoining Pete.

The mission will fail if Pete falls in battle. Pete will also not be able to retreat.

Avan, Zeri and Pete must deploy.



Base Reward
EXP 14248
DCT 5678
Weapon Parts Gun Parts Light Gatling Parts C
Enemy Ace Reward
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper A Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Copper LV2 Copper A Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Oak LV3 Oak A Lv3


After the battle, Avan and Zeri rushes over to Pete, with Zeri declaring the challenge to be his victory by forfeiting. Pete, dumbfounded, continues to be stubborn and won't give up until the bitter end. He ends up running off, destined to beat Zeri, destined to be Avan's number one. He then trips, exposing himself to the damaged trees. The tree begins to fall onto Pete, and Zeri intervenes. This leaves Pete in a state of remorse, as he just got saved by the person he's trying to replace. He then comes to terms with himself, as he realized that Zeri is willing to help anyone in the heat of the moment. When the two reunite with Class G, Pete then looks up to Zeri, not as a villain, but as a new role model.


The Zeri hater potential in Pete gets replaced by the Zeri's disciple potential. Avan becomes closer with Pete.

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