Claude Wallace
VC4 Claude Wallace
Alias Claude the Weakling
Rank(s) Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain
Role Platoon Commander, Regiment Commander
Unit Class Tank-insigniaTank, Scout-insigniaScout

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Voice Acting
Japanese Ryousuke Kanemoto[1]
"What have I become? This war's made me a monster!"
—Claude Wallace

Claude Wallace (クロード・ウォレス Kurōdo Woresu?) is the main protagonist of Valkyria Chronicles 4. He is the Edinburgh Army 101st Division 1st Battle Brigade 32nd Armored Ranger Battalion 2nd Regiment Platoon E commander and tanker. He's a first lieutenant who is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer.[1]

He has no military shortcomings, and in addition to military skills, he has an animalistic intuition in regard to the weather and climate. His “Revelation of the Wind,” a perfect guess of the change in weather from a few minutes to several days later, often ends any stalemate.[2]




Claude is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer. He is a talented individual who graduated at the top of his class at Edinburgh Military Academy. He has a strong determination to accomplish his objective, and even in the face of a difficult mission, inspires his comrades with his fiery determination.[2]


Born in the Gallian city of Hafen, this promising young squad leader is keenly attuned to climate changes and weather fluctuations. Ever since graduating as valedictorian from the Royal Military Academy, his talent and determination have been an inspiration to his subordinates.




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