Crymaria Levinc

Crymaria Levinc
VC4 Crymaria Levinc
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
"I'll show you why I was chosen."
—Crymaria Levinc

Crymaria Levinc (クライマリア・レヴィン Kuraimaria Revin?) is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. The Valkyria known as the “Witch of the Snowstorm.” She is the special duty captain of “X-0,” which is the Imperial Science Institution’s special test unit. Because she was forced to live as an experiment at the Valkyria Experimental Facility, she has a strong inferiority complex. She acts alongside her friend, a wolf named Fenrir.[1]

A member of the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, “X-0.” A special duty captain, she is a Valkyria who possesses miraculous ability, and can even has the power to destroy a tank with a single blow.[2]




She appears cold, cruel, and silent, but given that she was at the Valkyria Experimental Facility up until just before she was assigned to X-0, she is mentally immature and ends up revealing her emotions.[2]


Crymaria was forced to live as an experimental body and was unable to build up normal human relations, so she does not like to associate with others. While there are some who treated her as a normal human after escaping her life as an experimental body, her long stay at the Experimental Facility caused her to developer a strong inferiority complex, and as a result she seeks out the warmth of others. She is also a being of legend on the battlefield revered as “Witch of the Snowstorm” for the way she enters and leaves the battlefield with a snowstorm. She is accompanied by a wolf named Fenrir, who is a friend from her time at the Experimental Facility.[2]



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