Terrain Plains
Area Effect None
Number of units 9
CP Start 5, 5 per turn
Turns for A rank 3
Objectives Enemy base captured
Failure conditions 20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Base camp captured
Enemy officers 3
Enemy ace(s) Fantastic Nakarte / 素敵のナカーテ
Ace Location Area 2 [E3]


This is a free mission.

Mission BriefingEdit

An enemy camp near a village in the outskirts of Aslone suspected of providing key supplies to the Imperial forces has been spotted.

Disrupt the supply line by taking over the enemy camp in Area 2.


This is the first time that you will have finer control over your squad if you haven't done the story missions yet, so this is a good time to change the class of Imca to an assault, as you have Julios for the role of lancer.

Deploy either Felix, Kurt or Imca (any assault) in Area 4, whose only role would be to hold down this flag.

Clear the way using the Tank, using 3 CPs and advancing on the right bank as far as possible taking down as many enemies as you can. Catch up to the tank's position using a scout (Riela), ending it's turn using the tank as cover. End phase.

Using the tank again, shell the enemy flag and do as much damage as possible to the defender using the mortar. Advance as much as you can and end the turn in the camp if possible. Then use the scout to finish off the defender and take the camp.

Forcefully withdraw the tank if you need to, deploy it again in Area 2, using two CPs on it to advance as much as you can, end it's turns by firing rounds at the enemy tank from the front. End phase.

Use your tank to destroy the enemy tank here, then drive as far as possible to the objective. Deploy a scout in Area 2 to take the midway camp, taking out any defenders in the process. After this is done, deploy either an assault or a scout if you have any left to take the last camp, the final objective.

You can shell the last camp's defender with the tank's mortar to make it easier to take the camp.


Base Reward
EXP 1,000
DCT 1,100
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan Plan VC2 RF001
Other Reward
Other Reward None


This is a free mission.


Outside of the story missions this is the first mission that you will be able to deploy the forces by yourself.

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