Traditionally made by the Darcsen people as gifts for loved ones, these Darcsen dolls or good-luck dolls are thought to protect their bearer from harm, and are kept on one's person at all times.

The human-shaped dolls, made of thatched fisher-grass, wear shawls bearing a Darcsen pattern. Additional clothing and facial expressions are added using scrap cloth and colored threads.

Though the basic doll is of traditional design, makers are free to add their own touches and decorations to make the gift more personal.

Darcsen dolls became popular gifts during the Feast of All Spirits holiday season, wherein even soldiers partake in exchanging gifts. This tradition originally started in the middle of the Gallian Civil War, according to the Gallian Times newspaper. However, this was considered as a distraction in Lanseal and the student council usually confiscates the gifts.


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