In Encyclopedia Europa, every user has a rank based on the Military Ranks of the Gallian Army.


  • Only registered users can have ranks.
  • If the requirement for the next rank is met, Admins will promote users to the next rank.
  • User can also promote him/herself (see instruction below).
  • However, promoting oneself or any other user without meeting the criteria will result in a warning. 2nd time offender will be blocked for 3 days and the third time will be a permanent ban.

Ranks and RequirementsEdit

Rank Requirement Insignia
Private Registered User Pvt profile
Private First Class 5 edits Pfc profile
Corporal 10 edits Cpl profile
Sergeant 20 edits Sgt profile
Master Sergeant 40 edits Msgt profile
Sergeant Major 80 edits Sgt maj profile
2nd Lieutenant 120 edits 2nd lt profile
1st Lieutenant 170 edits 1st lt profile
Captain 220 edits Cpt profile
Major 280 edits Maj profile
Lieutenant Colonel 350 edits Lt col profile
Colonel 500 edits Col profile
Major General 800 edits Maj gen profile
Lieutenant General 1500 edits Lt gen profile
General 3000 edits Gen profile
Marshal 5000 edits Marshal profile

User ProfileEdit

The following template is used in user profiles:

{{user profile|1|2
  • 1 is your name/nickname. It's not necessarily your username.
  • 2 your current rank. Ranks are case-sensitive and must be typed exactly the same as "Ranks and Requirements" section.
  • Alias (optional, for role-playing purpose)
  • Role (optional, for role-playing purpose) - examples: Tank Commander, Squad Leader, etc.
  • Unit (optional, for role-playing purpose) - examples: Squad 6, 3rd Regiment, etc.
  • Class (optional, for role-playing purpose) - examples: Sniper Elite, Scout, Shocktrooper Veteran, etc.

User SignatureEdit

To put a insignia in your signature:

  • Go to My Preference (hove your mouse over your username at the top right corner) -> User Profile -> Signature.
  • Copy the following template to your signature:
  • 1 is your username. This must be exactly the same as your registered username.
  • 2 your current rank. Ranks are case-sensitive and must be typed exactly the same as "Ranks and Requirements" section.


  • {{Signature|Arciusazrael|Private}} gives ArciusazraelFrom private to sergeant signature
  • {{Signature|Arciusazrael|General}} gives ArciusazraelFrom major general to marshal signature
  • {{Signature|Arciusazrae|General}} gives ArciusazraeFrom major general to marshal signature (wrong username)

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