The Engineer Tool is a special item unique to the Engineer class. It has two major functions.


The Engineer Tool allows Engineers to repair damaged vehicles and some structures; in addition, it allows them to disarm mines.

Like Ragnaid, the repair action can be performed from a short distance (up to 50), with the crosshair turning blue to show the tool is in range. Repair can also be performed on fortifications such as sandbag walls and watchtowers. Repairing adds 1,000 HP to the object being repaired; in the case of tanks, it adds 1,000 HP to both the body and the treads.

To disarm a mine, the Engineer can either approach it carefully or simply stand on it; as usual with mines, only stepping off will detonate it if it's an anti-personnel mine. Standing within disarming range will bring up a "disarm" command prompt, and pressing X will disarm the mine.

Repairing a vehicle counts as the Engineer's weapon use for the current CP. Disarming mines and repairing sandbags or watchtowers do not count as a weapon use, and can be done as many times as needed with the current CP.


Engineer Tool image

WW2-vintage German wire cutters

  • The tool is actually a pair of WW2 German-issue wire cutters. These would often be seen as part of the external tool stowage on German tanks.
  • In the sequel, due to (and possibly explaining) the Engineer's loss of the ability to remove landmines, the Repair Tool is a 'monkey wrench'. The wirecutters are instead issued to Armored Techs, but can no longer be used to repair tanks. This makes slightly more sense since you are more likely to fix a tank with a wrench than with anything even remotely like bolt cutters.

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