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Suppressing Selvaria's Royal Guard UnitEdit

Event time: August 16 - 15:00 September 4

Selvaria Swimsuit Card 1 VCDuel

The 4 separated cards

During this event, other than normal rewards, boss units also drop Swimsuit Tickets (水着チケット). With 5 Swimsuit Tickets, you can purchase a Swimsuit Pack (水着パック) which contains one card of UC or R rarity or one of the four SR Selvaria cards. These SR cards when put together during squad formation will form an image of Selvaria lying down in swimsuit. Similarly, Swimsuit GP Pack (水着GPパック) offer the same rewards but can be purchased with 300GP.

Selvaria Swimsuit Card VCDuel

It was announced in August 31st that the event will be extended until September 4th. And during this period, everyday from 20pm to 23pm (UTC/GMT +9), players have a chance to encounter a more powerful version of Selvaria's squad.

SR Exchange TicketEdit

If you are lucky enough to draw one of the separated swimsuit Selvaria cards, you will also receive an SR Exchange Ticket (SR引換チケット). With 10 SR Exchange Tickets, you can purchase a full-bodied Selvaria in swimsuit SR card.

Combat Strength Power-upEdit

During the event, combat strength of all 5 Selvaria SR cards are increased by 300%.

Login BonusEdit

During this event, logging in during the following date and time will give you a number of rewards

Time Rewards
August 17
  • 8x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 5x Small Ammo VCDuel
August 17
12pm~2pm (UTC/GMT +9)
  • 2x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 3x Small Ammo VCDuel
August 18 - August 31
  • 3x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 5x Small Ammo VCDuel
August 18 - August 31
12pm~2pm (UTC/GMT +9)
  • 2x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 3x Small Ammo VCDuel (weekdays)
  • 6x Small Ammo VCDuel (weekend)
August 31 - September 4
  • 3x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 5x Small Ammo VCDuel
August 31 - September 4
12pm~2pm (UTC/GMT +9)
  • 2x Swimsuit Tickets
  • 6x Small Ammo VCDuel

Yeager Tank RegimentEdit

Event time: September 4 - 15:00 September 18

During the event, when you have limited time to subdue a boss and get control points that can be acquired as a reward t. The better your ranking at the end of the event period the more luxurious the reward you can get!

Acquire The Needed Amout To Get These Prizes

0904 info100904 info370904 info38

Control Points Reward
Ammo VCDuel
X5 Small Ammo Recovery
Ammo VCDuel
X10 Small Ammo Recovery
Ammo VCDuel
X15 Small Ammo Recovery
Ammo VCDuel
X20 Small Ammo Recovery
0904 info22
"UC" Welkin Card
Ammo VCDuel
X1 Full Ammo Recovery
12,500 X2 Special Ticket
20,000 X1 "UC" Jarde Card (Upgrade)
Ammo VCDuel
X10 Small Ammo Recovery
30,000 X5 Special Tickets
40,000 "
0904 info23
UC" Yeager Card
Ammo VCDuel
X10 Small Ammo Recovery

X2 Tickets to detrmine an "R" Card?

87,500 X1 "SR" Elet Card (Upgrade)

X1 "R" Hans Card (Upgrade)

0904 info22
"UC" Welkin Card
162,500 X1 Fixed "R" Ticket?
187,500 "UC" Yeager Card
0904 info23
0904 info15
"R" Edy Card
212,500 "R" Ramsey Card
225,000 X1 Fixed "R" Ticket?
250,000 X1 "R" Cordelia (Upgrade)

2 Legend Cards Avaliable

0904 info010904 info11

3 Days Rate up Of Yeager Ultimate Reinforced Unit Edit

From Sat,Sun,Mon At 20:00-23:00(UTC +09:00). Get a chance to get good marks on global score and good rewards.

Christmas EventEdit

New Year's EventEdit

Calamity Raven EventEdit

Valentine's EventEdit

Lanseal Athlete EventEdit

Radio EventEdit

Wedding EventEdit

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