Feast of All Spirits

A longstanding tradition in Gallia, this festival is now an official holiday which takes place in August on a full moon each year.


The spirits of the earth, driven away by the old Darcsen Calamity, were again able to return to Europa after the Valkyrur conquest. This day is said to mark the beginning of their renewed exchanges of love during the peace that followed. Major practices for celebrating the day include the exchange of gifts between lovers. It is also considered an opportunity for some to make peace with their enemies. In the past, presents were given to anyone the giver felt close to, but recent times have seen it become a day for couples in love to mimic the spirits in exchanging tokens of their affection.


  • The Feast of All Spirits were featured in all three games of the series. Squad 7 and the militia celebrated it after the liberation of Fouzen in VC1. It was again held inside Lanseal Military Academy in VC2 albeit Lanseal was attacked in the middle of the celebration. The Nameless also celebrate in chapter 13 of VC3 despite the circumstances.

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