Felix Cowley (VC3)

Felix Cowley
Felix Cowley
Alias Number 21
Birth Date c.1914 (Aged 23 by 1937)
Height 178cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Role Gallian Army personnel
Unit Class Any
Preferred Shocktrooper-insigniaShocktrooper
Likes Alfons Auclair
Giulio Rosso
Serge Liebert
Clarissa Callaghan

Valkyria Chronicles 3
Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA

Voice Acting
Japanese Daisuke Matsubara
English Not applicable
"I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family. It's a decision I made when I was a kid."
—Felix Cowley, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Felix Cowley (フェリクス・カウリ Ferikusu Kauri?), also known as "Number 21", is a Shocktrooper of Squad 422. His other preferred class is as a Lancer.


A very bright and personable young man, Felix Cowley acted as a "big brother" figure within the Nameless, never afraid to help those who might be in need. Like Giulio, who took care of the squad's health in the mess hall, Felix took care of the squad on the battlefield. Often he would act as devil's advocate when he thought Kurt's strategies could put the squad in too much danger. At times, though, Felix would be over-considerate of his comrades' well-being in benign situations, leading to a reputation of being overbearing. Felix's behavior was a result of losing the other members of his family during the First Europan War, when he was still just a small child. Since then he had made a commitment to treat his friends as he would family, putting himself in danger so that others wouldn't have to. This was most evident when Felix rescued an injured Giulio after the latter sprained his leg during a mission, carrying him over his shoulder to escape from Imperial reinforcements.

Expanded Biography

"A man full of leadership qualities who considers Nameless his new family."

After losing his entire family during the First Europan War, Felix rallied a group of his friends together and created a defense unit for his hometown to ensure that a tragedy like that would never happen again. In order to make better use of his obvious talents as a leader, Felix enlisted in the Gallian Army. He quickly became respected as a military man, but upon disagreeing with a brainless superior and voicing his dissenting opinion, he was transferred to Nameless for being "unruly".

Felix strongly believes in justice and has proven himself to be both honest and reliable. He has a natural talent for rallying those around him, which has earned him the respect of his male squadmates. Unfortunately, Felix is a bit dense when it comes to understanding the complexities of the female mind and often makes unintentionally offensive remarks, which sours the mood of his female squadmates. Felix suffered greatly from the pain of losing his family to the First Europan War and as such, is more than willing to risk his life to protect his squadmates, whom he considers to be his new family.

Even after Nameless was disbanded, Felix traveled around as a mercenary, lending his talents to various military organizations and patrol units to continue his fight against the Empire. His straightforward personality and loads of combat experience make him a popular ally, but he still hasn't figured out the enigma that is women and remains severely unpopular with them.

Max Stats

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 311 650 47 28 16
Trooper Elite 378 300 54 32 18
Lancer Elite 383 250 56 31 24
Engineer Elite 325 450 47 28 17
Tech Elite 314 350 - 27 54
Sniper Elite 308 250 48 27 14
Gunner Elite 319 300 46 27 18
Fencer Elite 316 350 - 26 21

Personal Potentials

  • Dauntless - When near three or more enemies, accuracy and anti-armor damage are increased.
  • Dependable - Being close to allied units increases evasion.
  • Thick-Headed - Evasion is decreased when under interception fire.
  • Bond of Friendship - When near three or more allies, anti-armor damage and accuracy are raised. Obtained by completing the Extra Chapter I for All.

Battle Potentials

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, all characters share the same set of battle potentials for each and every unit classes. For the list of battle potentials, see Potentials in Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Squad Leader


  • おう! やるぜ!
  • 任せろ!


  • おら!

Killing a foe

  • よしゃ!

Enemy Sighted

Team Attack

Personal Potentials

  • 女の気持ちって。。解らねぇ。。

Battle Potentials

Healed by Ragnaid

Rescuing an Ally

HP Critical


  • くたばってたまるかよ。。?


Revived by Medic

Status Ailment


  • Felix's grounds for Namelessness was a transfer from the Gallian Army to Nameless for breach of military regulations (disobeying orders).
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