Flamethrowe Turrets used by Nameless Tank and APC

Gallian TurretsEdit

Specialized Flamethrower Type 1Edit

In-game description: The Specialized Flamethrower is able to spew flames
  • Weight: 3
  • Type: Both
S-Flame T1
Model Stats
S-Flame T1-1
S-Flame T1-2
S-Flame T1-3
S-Flame T1-4
S-Flame T1-5
S-Flame T1-6
S-Flame T1-7 S-Flame T1-7 - Stats
S-Flame T1-8
S-Flame T1-9
S-Flame T1-F

Specialized Flamethrower Type 2Edit

In-game description: The strongest flamethrower turret
  • Weight: 3
  • Type: Both
S-Flame T2
Model Stats
S-Flame T2-1
S-Flame T2-2
S-Flame T2-3 S-Flame T2-3 - Stats
S-Flame T2-4
S-Flame T2-5
S-Flame T2-6
S-Flame T2-7
S-Flame T2-8
S-Flame T2-9
S-Flame T2-F

Flamethrower-Machine Gun Type 1Edit

In-game description: A flamethrower with self defense capabilities
Unlock: R&D Lvl 5
  • Weight: 3
  • Type: Both
Flame-MG T1
Model Stats
Flame-MG T1-1 Flame-MG T1-1 - Stats
Flame-MG T1-2
Flame-MG T1-3
Flame-MG T1-4
Flame-MG T1-5
Flame-MG T1-6
Flame-MG T1-7
Flame-MG T1-8
Flame-MG T1-9
Flame-MG T1-F Flame-MG T1-10 - Stats

Flamethrower-Machine Gun Type 2Edit

In-game description: A flamethrower with gatling combination with strong defense
  • Weight: 3
  • Type: Both
Flame-MG T2
Model Stats
Flame-MG T2-1
Flame-MG T2-2
Flame-MG T2-3
Flame-MG T2-4 Flame-MG T2-4 - Stats
Flame-MG T2-5
Flame-MG T2-6
Flame-MG T2-7
Flame-MG T2-8
Flame-MG T2-9
Flame-MG T2-F

Flamethrower-Machine Gun Type 3Edit

In-game description: The strongest flamethrower and gatling combination
  • Weight: 3
  • Type: Both
Flame-MG T3
Model Stats
Flame-MG T3-1
Flame-MG T3-2 Flame-MG T3-2 - Stats
Flame-MG T3-3
Flame-MG T3-4
Flame-MG T3-5
Flame-MG T3-6
Flame-MG T3-7
Flame-MG T3-8
Flame-MG T3-9
Flame-MG T3-F

Captured TurretsEdit

Looted Flamethrower-Machine Gun FEdit

  • Weight:
  • Type:
Looted Flame-MG F1Looted Flame-MG F2Looted Flame-MG F3
Model Stats
Looted Flame-MG F1 Looted Flame-MG F1 - Stats
Looted Flame-MG F2 Looted Flame-MG F2 - Stats
Looted Flame-MG F3 Looted Flame-MG F3 - Stats

Looted Specialized Flamethrower GEdit

  • Weight:
  • Type:
Looted S-Flame G1Looted S-Flame G2
Model Stats
Looted S-Flame G1 Looted S-Flame G1 - Stats
Looted S-Flame G2 Looted S-Flame G2 - Stats
Looted S-Flame G3

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