VC4 Forse
Affiliation Edinburgh Army (defected)
Imperial Army
Unit X-0
Rank(s) Sergeant Major (defected)
Special Agent
Role Sergeant Major (defected)
Chief Strategist
Unit Class Sniper-insignia Sniper (former)

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Voice Acting
Japanese Kaito Ishikawa
English Lucien Dodge

Forseti (フォルセ Foruse?), born as Kai Schulen, is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. Tactical commander of the X-0 Imperial military unit that appears a few times before the protagonist and company. He injured his leg and thus does not participate directly in battle. He has great confidence in himself and is always composed.[1]





As the Imperial Science Board's chief of operations, this cunning and calculating strategist is Ausbruch's foil to Walz's hot-headedness. Though a disability keeps him from fighting, his pragmatism and twisted sense of justice make him a deadly foe.



Born as Kai Schulen, he grew up in Hafen with his sister Leena, and was childhood friends with Claude, Riley, and Raz. Raz in particular looked up to Kai, as they were lived in the slums, and Kai was older and mature. When tension increased between Gallia and the Empire, Kai brought up the idea of joining the Edinburgh Army, and Raz followed him.

Squad E

In the Edinburgh Army, Kai was in a group of volunteer recruits most of whome were from Gallia. Kai soon advanced to be sergeant major, the most senior non-commissioned of the squad. His skills and thoughtfulness earned the trust of his squad mates. When the squad completed their training and Claude Wallace was assigned to be the new squad's commanding officer, Kai played a large role in smoothing issues out between Claude and Raz, and Claude continued to rely heavily on Kai's support in managing the squad.


In the winter of 1934, the headquarters selected Kai for a top secret special mission, escorting girls selected for the United States' Valkyria experiment back to continental Europa. During the mission, Kai learned how the girls were treated, and decided to defect. When the transport ship hits port, Kai called upon some Imperial troops to attack the escort, so that the girls might escape during the ensuing confusion. Kai himself suffered a serious leg injury and hid, expecting that if he were to be found by Federation troops with the leg injury he would be tried for treason.

One of the girls being escorted and escaped was Angelica Farnaby. She found Kai in hiding, treated his wounds, and acted as a decoy to lead Federation soldiers away from Kai's hiding place. Her gentle kindness led Kai vow to one day return and rescue her.

Kai returned to Squad E in secret, informing his childhood friends Claude and Raz that he is quitting the army, and asked for their help covering up an identity swap with his sister. He then slipped away not to be heard from his friends again.


Kai changed his name to Forseti, and became the strategist of X-0, special task fore under the Imperial Science Board. When the Empire first heard of the Federation's Snow Cruiser fleet, Forseti already knew that the ships were powered by girls from the United States' Valkyria experiment, and that they were to be sacrificed as Valkyria Bombs. Forseti was ordered to capture (and not destroy) the snow cruisers so that the ISB could study the technology being used powering those massive ships; this gave Forseti the perfect cover to rescue the girls aboard.

Forseti arranged for the attack and pillage of villages in the Crystal Sea, hiding his own operatives among refugees, and successfully made contact with his sister Leena aboard the Centurion. With information provided by his sister, Forseti learned of the course taken by the fleet, and laid an ambush for the rear guard of the ship Comet. Unfortunately, Crymaria Levin, the Empire's Valkyria, entered combat against orders, went out of control and destroyed Comet, despite Forseti begging her to stop. The Valkyria girl abroad Comet was presumed dead.

His sister called Forseti out for a secret meeting, where she directly confronted him on his methods. The attacks to generate refugees for his operatives to hid amongst lead to the suffering and deaths of many innocent elderly, pregnant women, and children. However Forseti was obsessed with saving the girls being used for the Valkyria Bomb, and expressed apathy for the other civilians being caught up by the war. His sister accused him of becoming just like the Empire and refused to help him anymore.

After Crymaria's condition stabilized, Forseti planned an attack against the forward ship of the fleet, Cavalier. He purposefully ordered Crymaria and the other troops to go easy on Cavalier's forces so that it would send a distress call to lure out Centurion, whio had plotted a different course. Centurion came to the rescue of Cavalier as predicted, but was able to break through the pincer attack setup by Forseti and escape, leaving Cavalier behind. Cavalier self-destructed using its Valkyria Bomb so as not to fall into the hands of the Empire, and once again Forseti suffered an emotional breakdown for failing to save the girl on the ship.

Forseti laid out high voltage wire traps near Schwartzgrad and stopped Centurion's advance towards the imperial capital. Forseti gave the crew of Centurion a chance to surrender, threatening to kill everybody aboard the ship otherwise, but Centurion was able to disable the high voltage wire trap, broke through and shored up at Schwartzgrad.

Determined to at least save Angelica Farnaby, Forseti coordinated the final defense of Schwartzgrad, drawing out the troops defending Centurion, while he and a small continent of escorts sneak aboard Centurion during the confusion. He made it to the front of the Forbidden Zone, just outside the chamber with Angelica, when Claude, Riley, and his sister caught up to confront him alone, all of his escorts defeated. Still, Forseti would not give up, and was killed by his sister as he attempted to open the chamber to get Angelica out.

With his dying breath, Forseti said the burdens and sins of war should be born by themselves and not get Angelica involved, and he asked Claude to protect Angelica.

According to Klaus Walz, Forseti's plan was to save Angelica, escape with her and his sister Leena, and have the three of them living out a quiet life somewhere away from the conflicts of Europa and the United States.


  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, his name is spelled "Forse" in English.



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