VC4 Forse
Affiliation Edinburgh Army (defected)
Imperial Army
Rank(s) Sergeant Major (defected)
Special Agent
Role Sergeant Major (defected)
Chief Strategist
Unit Class Sniper-insignia Sniper (defected)
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Kaito Ishikawa

Forseti (フォルセ Foruse?), born as Kai Schulen, is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. Tactical commander of the X-0 Imperial military unit that appears a few times before the protagonist and company. He injured his leg and thus does not participate directly in battle. He has great confidence in himself and is always composed.[1]





As the Imperial Science Board's chief of operations, this cunning and calculating strategist is Ausbruch's foil to Walz's hot-headedness. Though a disability keeps him from fighting, his pragmatism and twisted sense of justice make him a deadly foe.



Born as Kai Schulen, he grew up in Hafen with his sister Lina, and was childhood friends with Claude, Riley, and Raz. Raz in particular looked up to Kai, as they were lived in the slums, and Kai was older and mature. When tension increased between Gallia and the Empire, Kai brought up the idea of joining the Edinburgh Army, and Raz followed him.

Squad E

In the Edinburgh Army, Kai was in a group of volunteer recruits most of whome were from Gallia. Kai soon advanced to be sergeant major, the most senior non-commissioned of the squad. His skills and thoughtfulness earned the trust of his squad mates. When the squad completed their training and Claude Wallace was assigned to be the new squad's commanding officer, Kai played a large role in smoothing issues out between Claude and Raz, and Claude continued to rely heavily on Kai's support in managing the squad.

In the winter of 1934, the headquarters selected Kai for a top secret special mission. Weeks later, he returned to Claude and Raz with a serious leg injury, informing his childhood friends that he is quitting the army. He originally joined the army because he wanted to stop the Empire, but now he realized that even if they could stop the Empire, that won't be the end of the problems. He needed to desert the army to pursue the greater justice, and asked Claude and Raz to help cover up with his substitute. He then slipped away not to be heard from again.



  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, his name is spelled "Forse" in English.



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