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Fujmolt the Edge is an Imperial ace that appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles game. He appears in Rosie's report, War Without Weapons. He uses a ZM MP 5 with a VB FW 2, with the VB FW 2 being your reward for killing him. He is hidden in the northern-most part of the grass.


  • Like many Aces, Fujmolt the Edge has a naturally high evasion; attack from behind or in the grass so he doesn't do so. Or, launch an ISARA Smoke onto him and kill him from inside it.
  • Because the mission requires you to kill every enemy on the map, including him, you are guarenteed his flamethrower.
  • The VB FW 2 (g) is the strongest flamethrower you can obtain; give it to the Shocktrooper who you will use the most.

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