Gallian APC
Gallian apc
Technical Information
Affiliation Federation
Weapons Uranus pMG v73 Machine Gun
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations Body 3,000 HP, defence 140, critical 3, instantly destroyed by explosive weapons
Appearances Chapter 9: A Midsummer Incident

The Gallian APC is an armoured vehicle used by Federation operatives to kidnap Cordelia gi Randgriz, in an attempt to seize control of Gallia.

It makes it's first and only appearance in Valkyria Chronicles, during Chapter 9: A Midsummer Incident. The APC is effectively a "puzzle" boss in this level, with the challenge being more a matter of figuring out how to attack it than fighting it per se.


  • The APC is one of the few armoured vehicles in the game with no tread hit location, although there is no point as it is instant mission failure to use explosive weapons or tank shells.
  • The APC most closely resembles an enlarged Sd.Kfz. 251 ("Hanomag") halftrack with the body "squashed" horizontally; taller, but shorter by the length of the removed front wheelbase. It even retains the mudguards for the two front wheels.
  • For some reason, the mission summary counts the APC as a Tank Destroyer.
  • The weapon is a Uranus model, which is mainly used by the Imperial army. This is strange as the APC is not Imperial in any way, being a commandeered Gallian vehicle. It's likely that the level was a late addition (the APC also has no profile in the Glossary or the Weapons list although it does have concept drawings in the Valkyria Chronicles art book), and it was seen as easier to use an existing weapon than create a new one for this mission, or the game simply doesn't support giving "enemy" vehicles friendly weapons. An in-universe explanation would be that the gun was captured and mounted on an APC or the APC itself is captured from the imperials, this seems yet more likely since this style of APC is found in VCIII as the imperials only apc type.
  • The APC is not in the strictest sense of the term a tank, but "tank" is a unit class in the games referring to armoured fighting vehicles in general; technically, units like Batomys and Marmota are not tanks either. In game terms, the Gallian APC is a tank-type unit.
  • Player-controlled APCs appear in Valkyria Chronicles 2; they are considerably weaker in terms of armor than the vehicle depicted in Valkyria 1, and are more similar in appearance to the SdKfz 222, Puma, and various other Armored Cars. In firepower terms, they are considerably more powerful, mounting flamethrowers and heavy machine guns, up to and including light autocannons. VCII APCs (especially the light and medium type, Other types (Including the Escort) have just enough health to survive) are 1-hit killed by elite lancers and anti-tank mines (or at least almost dead) due to low defense and low health, Frontal or side armor may help stop this happening, rear armor will not since it's rear defence is minimal to begin with.
  • This style APC is featured as an enemy in Valkyria Chronicles 3 in either Imperial or Calamity Raven colors and are considerably more resistant than the apcs in VCII because they have been known to survive a non critical lance hit.
  • VCII APCs give you just 4 choices of weapon, Flamethrower only, Machinegun, Flamethrower with a MG and Autocannons, The autocannons are capable of taking out tanks (critical shots) but only at short range, this is because Gallian MGs are powerful but are also short range, captured rebel weapons lack the firepower of later Gallian turrets but make up for it with over triple the range.
  • This type of APC is actually Imperial in origin as it mounts a Uranus gun and is widely used by imperial and calamity raven forces in VCIII, in VCIII gallian APCs are exactly the same as the escort APC, symbolising that this 4 wheeled vehicle is Gallia's APC, not the tracked one.

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