Gallia has a modestly small army compared to the other Europan powers, on account of its small population. As a result, Gallia relies heavily upon conscription to bolster its forces during times of war. Gallia is also known to have basic military training in school and university as compulsory subjects, to ensure that Gallia's citizens are ready to be drafted at any time. The Gallian military focuses upon weapons and tactics designed for defensive warfare.

The military has two main branches; the regular Army and the Militia. Gallia also has a Navy which is used to guard the coastlines of Gallia. The Gallian Army also has 2,000 strong Military Police.

The city of Randgriz also maintains its own force of soldiers, the Royal Guard, who act as the city's defence force and as the personal bodyguard of the Archduke/duchess.

Regular armyEdit

The regular Army is Gallia's full time military force, 80,000 strong and made up of well trained and disciplined soldiers.


The Militia is raised exclusively in wartime, made up of citizens who are drafted in with little training besides the mandatory military education at school. Due to their inexperience at warfare and low levels of training most Militia members have (aside from veterans of previous conflicts), the regular Army tend to look down upon them and regard them as little use for anything more than cannon fodder.


The Navy has a total 10,000 Naval personnel and is equipped with warships designed with an emphasis on speed. It mainly serves to guard the coastlines of Gallia.

Lanseal Royal Military AcademyEdit

Lanseal Royal Military Academy is the only military academy in Gallia. The purpose of the academy is to prepare new officer cadets for service in the Gallian military. It is also very large, housing several facilities such as the R&D Building, the Drill Grounds, and also a swimming pool.

This category covers all characters serving in both the regular and irregular armed forces and the Lanseal forces of the Principality of Gallia.

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