The Gallian National Arsenal was a government owned weapons manufacturer that both developed and supplied the weapons used by the Gallian military.


Due to Gallia's position between the Empire and the Federation, the Gallian government determined that a domestic weapons industry was necessary to ensure Gallia's continued independence. As such, the Gallian National Arsenal was founded during the First Europan War. The government also sought to ensure the technology behind Gallia's weapons would not be leaked to foreign powers to ensure Gallia did not lose any advantages its arms afforded her.

Two engineers instrumental to the formation of the Arsenal were Theimer, a Darcsen, and Bernhardt Brondel. Theimer was killed in an accident but Brondel eventually rose to lead the Arsenal and was said to have benefited greatly from his friendships with many talented Darcsen engineers. Both men would be remembered by their protégés with a variety of weapons named in homage to the two engineers.

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