Gatling Soldiers are a special unit class in Valkyria Chronicles 3 that are used by the Empire and Calamity Raven. Gatling Soldiers are giant, armored soldiers equipped with a gatling gun for offense, and a large shield for defense. G.Soldiers are meant to cause massive damage to player units by either attacking directly, or by interception fire.


Gatling Soldiers can be very hard to defeat if not handled correctly. Approaching them from the front is definitely not an option since their interception fire will down a unit in a matter of seconds. Their attack range is very far so unless you are using an armored tech, a frontal assaslt will almost always fail. Their shields also make things difficult since it covers most of their body. The easiest and fastest way to kill a G.soldier is by sniper fire. Have a sniper take down a G.soldier from a faraway distance. Since most of their body will be protected, it is recommended to headshot them. In order to kill them in one turn, however, you will need to equip your sniper with a 3-shot sniper rifle since one headshot alone will not be enough to bring down a G.soldier. If you are wiling to sacrifice your vehicle's cannon/30 or 40 shot Machine Gun for a flamethrower these soldiers can safely be mowed down with 1-3 sprays from the vehicle mounted flamethrower. If you having issues with them constantly raising their shield (dodging as it makes them nigh on invincible from the front) turn them using a tech, then snipe the back of their head using an auto-sniper.


  • Gatling Soldiers use the same character model as the V2 in Valkyria Chronicles II, only instead of a particle beam, they have a gatling gun attached to their arm, due to this long animation, it is possible to shoot them and move away from them without taking fire.
  • These soldiers are, if abused using the Valkyria SP power, lethal to their own side. Due to their massive anti-armor and anti-infantry values, they can even take down tanks in decent time as they have a 200+ anti-armour value.
  • Unlike other enemy units, gatling soldiers NEVER improve their weapons, they are always the 16-shot ZM GMG-1 regardless of every other unit on the field's level of equipment, this makes them very dangerous at the games beginning, but (except to apcs as the 240+ anti-armor value will out-do most apc's armour) weak compared to higher level shocktroopers, gunners and even scouts.

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