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Heavy Imperial Tank
Heavy Imperial Tank
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 7.16m
Width 3.72m
Height 3.23m
Weight 45 tons
Top speed 32km/h
Engine power 600hp/2000rpm
Weapons Krimm N-334 34/76.2mm cannon
Krimm M-312 12/122mm mortar
Uranus 7.62mm machine gun x2

The Heavy Imperial Tank was the most powerful mass-produced Imperial tank during the Second Europan War.


The heavy tank was a relatively new design of imperial tank, bearing only a slight superficial resemblance to the light tank that had started the Imperial Tank Corps. With a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour, the heavy tank sacrificed the mobility of the medium and light tanks for drastically increased armor and firepower. The design of the Imperial heavy tank called for a long-barreled rotary cannon fed from a rear-mounted magazine equipped with a loading crane, in addition to a more powerful variation of the usual mortar and machine gun carried by Imperial tanks. All of its armaments were mounted on an interchangeable chassis, keeping the costs low during production and allowing a good number to be fielded quickly during the war.

From the original design, several variations saw action:

The Imperial Ace Toyold the Bull commands a Heavy Tank.


  • There seems to be a heavy French influence in the Heavy Tank's design. It heavily resembles the Char B1 mixed with the German Sturmtiger armored rocket launcher more than it does any Soviet design. Commonly present, as with other Imperial vehicles, is overlapping roadwheels. The flamethrower variant also parallels the B1, though it is inverted; for the Char B1 in German service, the hull gun was replaced with a flamethrower, while the 47mm in the turret was retained, as opposed to trading the turret gun for a flamethrower and keeping the hull gun.
  • Both the Heavy Tank and Dromedarius have an extra hit location; the turret is a seperate component with its own hitpoints. This means a shot to the turret will not damage the hull. With less potent lances, it may be more worthwhile to destroy the turret instead of the tank itself, as the turret is weaker, and destroying it essentially makes the Heavy Tank an oversized Tank Destroyer, due to how the hull gun is mounted. The turret is considered a seperate unit to the rest of the vehicle for purposes of firing; the AI must control it seperately to the tank, though it only requires 1 CP to control instead of the 2 the body of the tank requires.
  • Despite the fact that hull's gun is mentioned as a 122mm mortar, it is used as a anti-tank cannon in game, since it does not seem to have any good elevation. Instead, the 76,2mm cannon in the turret can be used as a mortar cannon as well as a anti-tank cannon.
  • The heavy tank is one of the few tanks wich is using multiple machine guns in game: it has one machine gun in the hull, and another one in the turret. Thus, facing this tanks head- on with infantry is not a good idea. Also, the turret's machine gun can be disabled by destroying the turret.
  • Unlike the hull, the turret will not gain any additional HP when staying in a camp.
  • These tanks change quite a bit to fit the VCIII game mechanics, unlike the Light and Medium Imperial tanks. The heavy tank in VCIII has no hull gun and has a central mounted rotary cannon instead of a side mounted one. This variant bears a heavy resemblence to the the Soviet Kliment Voroshilov (KV) series of tanks that saw action during the earlier parts of World War II.


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