Heinrich Belgar

Heinrich Belgar
VC4 Belgar
Affiliation Imperial Army
Unit X-0
Science Board
Rank(s) Director General
Role Chief Scientist
Unit Class Officer

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Voice Acting
Japanese Shō Hayami

Heinrich Belgar (ベルガー Hainrihhi Berugā?) is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. The supervisor of X-0. He is of noble background and is an executive at the Imperial science institution. He has the authority of an admiral, and X-0 are his chess pieces.[1]



Heinrich has long, grey hair and pale-colored skin. He wears a white coat fashioned with gold buttons and a black collar. His coat is further decorated with a golden sash with red linings, a golden belt and he wears a long, black coat trimmed with fur. He wears boots styled with gold markings and wields a silver cane emblazoned with gold and ragnite.


An extreme pragmatist. He thinks of others as nothing other than pawns for him to achieve his goals. While polite, he tends to be patronising in his speech. He's a brilliant researcher, but also a deft political manipulator for the sake of his experiments. He's even earned the favour of the emperor himself!


Age 54. Head of the Imperial Science Board, and of X-0, an experimental weapons squad. Poor eyesight, due to exposure to intense light in his work. He killed his partner Albert Miller and stole his findings, though he regrets his actions. While jealous of his friend's genius, he deeply, truly admired him. He dreamed of an energy revolution using Ragnite Implosion technology, and one day travelling to the stars.

During the Federation's Operation Cygnus, he devoted the Imperial Science Board's resources attempting to obtain one of the Snow Cruisers so he could study its ragnite implosion system. He went so far as to rig his top lieutenants with explosives, ordering them to commit suicide if they fail (and use their own deaths to slow down their foes). His inhumanity backfired when his personally lead attempt to steal the Centurion failed, and he was effectively dragged into a double suicide with Nikola Graf.



  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, his name is spelled "Heinrich Berger" in English.



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