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The Randgriz family is the ruling royal family in Gallia.


The current heiress of the family is Cordelia Gi Randgriz, who currently rules over Gallia. Although the family line is believed to have descended from the Valkyrur, they are actually of Darcsen heritage.

House Randgriz's Secret

The original ancestors of House Randgriz were actually a powerful clan of Darcsen natives who had ruled portions of Europa before the Valkyrur invasion. When the northerners arrived, this clan chose to betray their race by aiding in the Valkyrur conquest.

In return, the Valkyrur granted the clan a city-state to rule (today's Randgriz), and made them the Valkof's keepers. The Darcsen traitors subsequently claimed to be Valkyrur themselves, writing their betrayal out of history. The Valkof was sealed away as the pillar of a castle tower, while the truth about House Randgriz was buried even more thoroughly over centuries of ruthless oppression of any knowledge about historical events.