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Imperial Tank Destroyer
Imperial Tank Destroyer
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 6.37m
Width 3.02m
Height 2.57m
Weight 41 tons
Top speed 35km/h
Engine power 600hp (447kW) at 2000rpm
Weapons Revelle D-5S 30/85mm anti-tank gun
Uranus 7.62mm tank machine gun

The Imperial Tank Destroyer is an armored fighting vehicle designed specifically to disable enemy tanks.


The tank destroyer had a fixed superstructure in place of a rotating turret. While this hindered its ability to engage faster moving targets, the increased support allowed for a larger, more powerful main gun.

Originally developed as a self-propelled artillery unit, the addition of a drive system similar to that used in Imperial Heavy tanks saw it reborn as a tank destroyer. Equipped with an anti-tank cannon based on anti-aircraft weaponry designs with exceptional armour-piercing capabilities, it became the bane of the Federation. This highly useful design soon took the field not just within armoured squadrons, but as an escort unit for foot soldiers.


  • The Tank Destroyer is essentially the standard Heavy Tank running gear (Tiger configuration with small, single-overlap roadwheels and IS-3 like return rollers) placed on a shortened Jagdpanther hull with an upside-down IS-3 frontal hull below the casemate's sloped front plate. The offset gun configuration is taken from the smaller Jagdpanzer 38(t), better known as the Hetzer. The gun seems to be a sawn-off copy of the real-life D-5T 85mm tank gun used on the SU-85 and T-34/85 (itself a converted anti-aircraft gun), though the short length means it is visually closer to the M-30S howitzer of the SU-122.
  • The panels fixed to the sides of the engine deck seem to be the unassembled parts of side skirt armour like that used by Imperial Light Tanks.
  • Since the tank destroyer does not have a turret, it has to line the hull up in order to aim. Therefore, it is a good strategy to aim for the tracks on order to immobilize them if you are not able of destroying him in one turn.
  • The tank destroyer's radiator is extremely vulnerable to infantry weapons. Two full blasts of a strong machine gun, like the T-mag 20, wil completely destroy them.
  • Compared to the Heavy Imperial Tank, it's armour is weaker, making it easier to destroy them. However, the cannon is very powerfull, capable of destroying even the upgraded Edelweiss in two or three hits if not carefull.
  • These tanks are the only mainstream Imperial tanks not to return in Valkyria Chronicles 3.

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