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Rebel Encounter
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Avan town watcj
Terrain City
Area Effect None
Number of units 3: Avan, Town Watchman x 2
CP Start 4, 4 per turn
Turns for A rank 1
Objectives All enemy units defeated
Failure conditions Avan falls in combat
20 turns pass
Morale 0
Special conditions None
Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers Scout
Enemy ace(s) None


The prologue starts with a retellng of the Second Europan War from the first game. Coming to the present in January 1937, Mellvere, a person shows up looking for the player's character: Avan Hardins, who introduces himself. The person introduces himself as Hubert Brixham, an instructor from the Lanseal Military Academy. Avan recognizes the school as to where his brother, Leon Hardins attends. Hubert announces his presence to deliver Avan the grieving news that his brother is confirmed dead. Not believing any of what he has heard, Avan demands to know the truth while Hubert doesn't respond to his questions as the answers regard military classification.

They are interrupted however by incoming gunfire nearby, signalling that the GRA is attacking Mellvere. Avan gathers all the town's watchmen together for a counter-defense measure.

Mission BriefingEdit

The GRA is attacking Mellvere. Join forces with the town guards to defeat all enemy units.


  • This is the games tutorial mission and explains the basics of the combat system and turn order. The enemy force consists of three Scouts with basic equipment, exposed and visible on the map at the start of the level.
  • For the top rank, use all three Command Points to control Avan or one of the town's watchman: walk as close to each scout as is needed to ensure a headshot with her starting weapon, then fire. The mission ends as soon as the final Scout dies.


Base Reward
EXP 500
DCT 150
Weapon Parts Gun Parts Rifle Stock A
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan None
Ace Drop 1 None
Ace Drop 2 None
Oak LV1 Oak B Lv1
Copper LV1 Copper A Lv1
Copper LV1 Copper B Lv1
Plywood LV1 Plywood A Lv1
Oak LV1 Oak A Lv1
Special Units Bonus
Captured All Base Camps Bonus


Hubert praises Avan for his leadership against the rebels, but still remains irresponsible regarding Leon's death. In response, Avan rips up the death certificate making his decision to enroll into the Lanseal Military Academy to discover the truth. Confirming the decision, Hubert hands Avan an enrollment application form for Lanseal, warning him of the strict standards that awaits him. Hubert then leaves, while Avan with the application in hand is determined to find his brother, no matter what it takes.

Following the end of the scene, the story continues after the prologue following the events after Cordelia's confession, As many citizens give support, some of the noble houses refuse to accept and form the GRA to purge Gallia of the entire Darcsen population, thus setting the story of Valkyria Chronicles 2.


  • In the CG scene before the operation, Pete is visible in the background as one of the watchmen.
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