Birth Date c.1932 (Aged 5 by 1937)
Height 25cm
Affiliation Class G
Role Avan's pet
Class G mascot
Messenger bird
Valkyria Chronicles 2
Voice Acting

A messenger bird of Avan Hardins, Jarde is a Gallian Swift that becomes an honorary member of Class G.


Jarde is a Gallian swift that was found and saved by Leon and Avan Hardins and ever since befriended the brothers. He was sent by Avan's mother with a letter to him after Avan enrolled at Lanseal. He likes warm places and often snuggles into pockets and beds. Sometimes, he also eats Avan's bread put in his uniform pocket.

When Avan was invited to Castle Randgriz to receive an honorary medal for a mission to escort Cordelia Class G took before, Jarde was brought along as well. Somehow, Jarde also likes Cordelia when Avan came inside the Audience Hall to receive the honor.

Jarde took an important role of GRA's defeat in the Gallian Civil War. When Class G found out about Baldren Gassenarl's plan to escape into the Atlantic Federation by going aboard Dandarius after they got subdued by Gallian Army, Jarde was sent by Avan to Cordelia with a letter to her requesting the Army's navy to prevent Baldren from escaping. After Class G disabled the ship's artillery cannons, the Dandarius started sailing away but was then stopped by the Gallian Navy directly under Cordelia's command herself with Jarde on her arm, pinning down Baldren.

After Class G's graduation, he travels Gallia with Avan, enjoying the morsels he is given. Sometimes he delivers messages.


Valkyria Chronicles 2Edit

Valkyria Chronicles DuelEdit

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