Juliana Everhart
VC2 Juliana Everhart
Alias Princess
Birth Date c.1920 (Aged 17 by 1937)
Height 168cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Role Lanseal cadet
Class chair
Unit Class Armored-tech-insigniaArmored Tech
Likes Zeri

Valkyria Chronicles 2
Valkyria Chronicles 3

Voice Acting
Japanese Ryoko Shiraishi
English Karen Strassman
"Those with a will should fight! I will neither run nor hide!!"
—Juliana Everhart, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Juliana Everhart (ユリアナ・エーベルハルト Yuriana Ēberuharuto?) is the daughter and heiress of the noble Everhart family. This makes her extremely wealthy and prideful, especially as the Everharts owned large swathes of land and were one of the oldest Gallian families.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Afforded the best education her family could afford, Juliana grew into an intelligent and proud young woman. After enrolling at Lanseal, she became the chair of Class A. Due to her heritage, Juliana was quick to rebuke those she considered of a lower station and often derided members of other classes. This was especially true for Class G, whom Juliana considered a disgrace to Lanseal. Juliana did however recognize others with talent and continued to respect Leon Hardins even after the latter's disappearance and supposed death.

Expanded Biography (VC3)

"A beautiful young noble who stakes her pride on becoming an elite military officer."

Juliana is a noble by birth and received only the best education growing up. She enrolled in Lanseal Royal Military Academy with the intention of eventually standing at the top Gallia's military forces. The combination of her hard work and natural talents soon saw Juliana guiding her schoolmates as a charismatic leader.

As a Lanseal student, Juliana got her first taste of real battle in an unexpected way. She and her squad ran into imperial troops out on the Naggiar Plains, and it was only with Leon's assistance that she was able to lead her squad to victory. Leon and Juliana both acknowledged each other's abilities, and promised to meet up again in the near future under more pleasant circumstances. Sadly, neither of them could have anticipated the cruel twist of fate that would make such a reunion impossible.

After the Gallian Campaign, Juliana found herself acting as the chair for Class A, the class comprised of Lanseal's best and brightest. Aside from being a very capable leader, Juliana enjoys telling others what to do because she believes that such is her duty as a noble.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Upon the entrance of several new cadets, Juliana took it upon herself to visit class G to put its new members in their place. This placed her in direct conflict with Avan Hardins, Cosette Coalhearth, and Zeri. Juliana was especially incensed when Zeri dared talk back to her, displaying the anti-Darcsen prejudice common to many Gallians. This resulted in a fierce rivalry between Class A and Class G, as Juliana continued to belittle their accomplishments and argue with Zeri. However, even Juliana was unable to ignore Zeri's innate intelligence and skill and the two soon discovered many common interests, much to Juliana's chagrin. Zeri on the other hand began to see Juliana in a new light after she admitted to respecting the engineer Theimer despite his being a Darcsen.

The heated rivalry would ultimately turn into grudging respect after Class A's loss at the Laevatein Cup finals to Class G. The other members of Class A were furious at the loss and blamed Juliana, but Zeri came to her defense. Moved, Juliana made peace with her classmates and promised to work harder for everyone's sake. As the months passed, Juliana found herself growing attracted to Zeri. Her pride however refused to permit her to admit as such, though Cosette picked up on Juliana's feelings and tried to encourage the relationship. Avan on the other hand remained confused as to whether Juliana and Zeri were getting along at all, as more often than not he saw them arguing over a wide range of topics.

While at Lanseal, Juliana was approached by Laurence Kluivert, the headmaster, and Clementia Förster, to participate in an Artificial Valkyria project. Clementia needed test subjects for her experiments and the tests that had placed Juliana in Class A had also marked her as highly compatible with the process. While Laurence was prepared to give Juliana time to consider the offer, the Gallian Revolutionary Army attack on Lanseal forced Juliana's hand and the young woman agreed to undergo the procedure. The conversion was a success and Juliana was able to retain her sanity, but her newfound powers placed considerable strain on her body. Juliana successfully defeated several of the rebel V2 Artificial Valkyria, but was mortally wounded while engaging Dirk Gassenarl. Zeri however was close by and embraced her, giving Juliana the opportunity to confess her feelings and call him by his name, something she had been unable to do so before. As a reminder of their time together, Juliana gave Zeri her bracelet before passing away in his arms.


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Armored Tech 185 350 - 10 24
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Tech Elite 315 350 - 22 102
Special Tech 315 350 - 19 93
Fencer Elite 472 300 - 19 102
Mauler 472 250 - 19 93

Personal Potentials

  • Social Elite - Standing on paved areas feels familiar and safe, raising defense.
  • Reconciliation - Rethinking their views on Darcsens raises defense.
  • Excellence - They use the gifts they were born with to the fullest, raising all abilities.
  • Bad Singer - Embarrassment at their poor singing ability lowers the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking.

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
Armored Tech
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Resist Boost - Raises resistance to status ailments.
  • Med HP Recovery - Restores HP after finishing an attack.
Tech Veteran
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Armored Traits - Raises defense when under interception fire.
  • Max Resist - Significantly raises resistance to status ailments at all times.
Tech Elite
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Explosives Ace - Raises attack power against armored and infantry targets when attacking with a hand grenade.
  • Super Vs Personnel - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
Special Tech
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Major Defense - Raises defense.
  • Poison Resist - Becomes immune to status ailments.
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Assault Stance - Raises resistance to status ailments when under interception fire.
  • Feint - Attacks made cannot be evaded.
Fencer Elite
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Kamikaze - Raises firing accuracy and evasive skills when HP drops below half.
  • Double Movement - Can move again after AP reaches 0.
  • Vs Personnel Boost - Raises attack power against infantry targets.
  • Combat Skill - Raises attack power against armored and infantry targets.
  • Point Blank - Raises attack power against armored targets when an enemy is nearby.

Other Appearances

Samurai & Dragons

S&D Juliana

Juliana in Samurai and Dragons.

Juliana makes an appearance in Samurai & Dragons as a R monster card. As a R monster card, Juliana is of the Mercenary race and possesses the base skill, Leadership.

Chain Chronicle

CC Juliana
"The daughter of the prestigious Everhart family, grown up with a gifted education. She enrolled in a military academy, intending to stand at the top of Gallia's military force. Her hard work and natural talent mean that she also has exceptional leadership skills and charisma."
Chain Chronicle Profile
—Juliana, Chain Chronicle

Juliana makes an appearance in the Japanese version of Chain Chronicle as Future Officer Juliana (未来の士官ユリアナ Mirai no Shikan Yuriana?), a SR 4★ knight unit with the job class of Cadet and she also uses the Blade as her weapon.

Juliana is voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi and her artist is Digital Media Lab. She is exclusively obtainable during the Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration Festival.

Juliana possesses the following skills, abilities and chain abilities:

  • Gifted Lady's Flash (Mana Cost: 1)
    Deal light damage to one enemy in front of Juliana, and knock them back. 4x Damage.
  • Determination
    Come and give me something challenging! Attack power and movement speed rise when facing a boss wave, and attack power rises when fighting in urban areas. Juliana's unique ability. Attack power increases by 52% on urban terrain, and attack power increases by 25% when facing a boss wave.
  • Commander's Qualities
    Here I come! Damage taken falls when on the ally zone's front lines, and damage taken falls when HP is at 50% or less. Juliana's unique ability. Damage taken is reduced by 15% when on the front lines, and damage taken is reduced by 20% when HP is 50% or less.
Chain Abilities
  • Social Elite (Mana Cost: 3)
    Damage taken falls while in combat. Attack power rises and damage taken falls further when fighting in urban areas. Damage taken is reduced by 5%. Attack power increases by 25% and damage taken is reduced by another 15% when fighting on urban terrain.


Squad Leader


  • "Entering combat."
  • "I'll end this now."


  • "Hraagh!"
  • "It's over!"

Killing a Foe

  • "Enemy neutralized."
  • "Got him."

Enemy Sighted

  • "Enemy sighted!"
  • "Hostile spotted!"

Personal Potentials

  • "Don't confuse me with your kind!" (Social Elite)
  • "I suppose Darcsens aren't too bad." (Reconciliation)
  • "Don't you know who you're facing?" (Excellence)
  • "Singing is not my-- No." (Bad Singer)

Battle Potentials

  • "I feel a surge of new energy!"
  • "Watch, I'm at my peak!"

Healed by Ragnaid

  • "Thanks."

Rescuing an Ally

  • "Medic, this way! On the double!"

After Medic Visit

  • "Zeri, NO! Hold on!" (Zeri)

HP Critical

  • "I'll be fine...!"
  • "This is just a scratch!"


  • "This... This can't be...!"


  • "Not yet... I can still... fight..." (playable)
  • "Defeated, here? What an insult." (opponent)

Revived by Medic

  • "Now I can fight again, thank you."

Status Ailment

  • "Nnh, I'm capable of so much more..."


  • "Alright everyone, listen up! Get out of my way!" (Forced Charge)
  • "Alright everyone, listen up! I'm falling back, hold out for a short while." (Withdraw)


  • Juliana plays violin and has learned perfect pitch but can't sing. Even lessons can't help her.
  • Juliana can be unlocked in Valkyria Chronicles 2 by getting 20 medals. This leads to a conundrum if she is deployed in the same mission in which she appears as an NPC, as there will be two Julianas present at the same time.
  • Juliana makes a cameo in Valkyria Chronicles 3.
  • Juliana is best known to players for two things: her initial attitude and her bust size (which didn't escape the attention of artists for VCD as they have her with Selvaria in one piece of art).
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