Kai Schulen

Kai Schulen
VC4 Kai Schulen
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Maaya Sakamoto[1]
"I can't lose them too... Not again."
—Kai Schulen

Kai Schulen (カイ・シュレン Kai Shuren?) is a character from Valkyria Chronicles 4. A division officer of Squad E and a prodigy sharpshooter known as the "One Shot Killer".[1]

Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E division officer. She is a sniper master sergeant. With the nickname “One Shot Killer,” she is a prodigy sharpshooter whose eyes conceal a strong purpose. Also, her physical strength is second to none when compared to a common soldier. She loves fresh-made bread.[2]




She is Claude, Raz, and Riley’s childhood friend, and is usually silent and blunt. While she may sound mannish and curt when she speaks, she is actually very mature and kind. [2]




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