Kanazar the Lion
Unit Class Scout-insignia Scout
Weapon Drop ZM Kar 2(g)
Chapter 07: The Battle of Barious
Voice Acting

Kanazar the Lion is one of the Imperial aces encountered in the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

His one and only apperance in the main game is in Chapter 07: The Battle of Barious, he arrives with Selvaria Bles and the rest of her retinue to rescue Maximilian from the disabled Batomys.

He is armed with the ZM Kar 2(g), a low accuracy, high powered rifle which is also your reward for defeating him.

The enemy ace Kanazar the Lynx also appears during the Challenges of the Edy Detachment DLC, whether this is the same person or a sibling is unknown.


  • Kanazar has very low defense, even for a scout making him easy to defeat at range with a shocktrooper's submachinegun.
  • The easiest way to defeat Kanazar is with intercept fire from a shocktrooper atop the cliff, positioning is important as Selvaria will murder anyone in her path.
  • Alternatively, a scout can circle around onto the steps of Barious Temple and kill him (as well as Selvaria's other escorts) as soon as they appear; it's possible to hit everyone present from just outside Selvaria's attack angle if you stand far back near the temple entrance. On her turn, Selvaria will ignore anyone not directly in her view at the start or end of her moves while makes a beeline for Maximilian; she won't chase after the scout, even if they're just a step out of her view. If taking this approach, pay attention to her reactions; her intercept fire takes a moment to charge up, so if you advance too far forwards and she begins to raise her lance, you actually have enough time to take a shot at Kanazar and then immediately fall back before she fires.

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