Kloden Wildwood

The Kloden Wildwood is an expansive primeval forest that stretches across Gallia's south, forming a natural border with the Empire.


Poor roads, violent peaks and valleys, and extremely dense vegetation combine to impede travelers while baffling their natural sense of direction. Thought to be impenetrable except by foot, Kloden has been a living fortification against invasion since Gallia's inception.

The woods are home to foxes, squirrels and rabbits, as well as larger animals like deer and boar and rarities such as the porcavian. Beeches form the majority of this deciduous forest, also rich in elm and oak. Untouched by human hands, some of Kloden's trees are thought to be over a thousand years old.

The Kloden Wildwood was the stage of many small skirmished during EW2, the Imperial Army went so far as to built a supply base to support it's push towards Randgriz. In Valkyria Chronicles, Chapters 5 & 8 take place in The Kloden Wildwood, afterwards the Imperial Army all but abandoned the area, concentrating their forces to the North.

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