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Anti-Tank Rocket Lances are the main weapons of the Lancer class and its sub-classes.

Gallian Anti-tank Lances Circa 1935Edit


Gallia's most common anti-tank lance, developed as a way to allow foot soldiers to combat tanks unassisted. An armor-penetrating warhead is loaded into the lance's tip, then fired at the target, detonating on impact. Though its power and effectiveness is indisputable, its considerable weight impedes the mobility of the user. The weapon draws its name from its use as a LANCe-shaped Anti-ArmoR device.

  • Type: Anti-tank Lance
  • Class: Lancer, Lancer Elite
  • Length: 2874mm
  • Weight: 16.2 kg
  • Barrel: N/A
  • Caliber: 122mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
Lancaar M1Lancaar m12 120 850 D 600 1 N/A
Lancaar M2Lancaar m12 125 900 D 600 1 N/A
Lancaar M3Lancaar m34 130 950 D 600 1 N/A
Lancaar M4Lancaar m34 150 1000 D 600 1 N/A
Lancaar M1RLancaar m1r 150 1000 D 620 1 N/A
Lancaar M3RLancaar m3r 195 1150 C 620 1 N/A


The use of a reinforced warhead core contact mechanism yielded gains in both stopping power and trajectory stability in this redesign of the Lancaar model. Wing stabilizers derived from Professor Theimer's work vastly reduced projectile drift, an issue that had forced users of the original series to fire from point-blank range. A greater effective range meant users could keep a safe distance, greatly improving their survival rate. Its effectiveness against Imperial tanks had soldiers calling it "The Tamer."

  • Type: Advanced Anti-tank Lance
  • Class: Lancer, Lancer Elite
  • Length: 3225mm
  • Weight: 18.1kg
  • Barrel: N/A
  • Caliber: 141mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
Theimer M01Theimer m010203 150 1100 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M02Theimer m010203 155 1150 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M03Theimer m010203 160 1200 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M10Theimer m101112 190 1300 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M11Theimer m101112 195 1350 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M12Theimer m101112 195 1400 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M20Theimer m20 225 1500 D 600 1 N/A
Theimer M01RTheimer m01r 225 1300 C 620 1 N/A
Theimer M10RTheimer m10r 250 1450 C 620 1 N/A
Theimer M20RTheimer m20r 300 1600 C 650 1 N/A

Gallian Mortar Lances Circa 1935Edit


Developed as an anti-tank lance variant for anti-personnel use, the Lancaar SH uses a mortar-like warhead packed with explosives. Its power, blast radius and effective range all surpass that of a traditional hand grenade. As an anti-personnel weapon, portability was a top priority. The launcher saw a substantial slimming down, making the SH the lightest AT lance so far. That said, it still outweighs a normal firearm, meaning only those used to carry lances can likely wield it.

  • Type: Mortar Lance
  • Class: Lancer, Lancer Elite
  • Length: 2806mm
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Barrel: N/A
  • Caliber: 136mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
Lancaar-SH M01Lancaar-sh m12 320 300 C 200 1 N/A
Lancaar-SH M02Lancaar-sh m12 340 325 C 200 1 N/A
Lancaar-SH M10Lancaar-sh m101112 375 350 C 200 1 N/A
Lancaar-SH M11Lancaar-sh m101112 410 375 C 200 1 N/A
Lancaar-SH M12Lancaar-sh m101112 450 400 C 200 1 N/A
Lancaar-SH M20Lancaar-sh m20 500 450 C 200 1 N/A

Captured Imperial Lances Circa 1935Edit

For the full list of Imperial lances, see Imperial Weapons.


This weapon could rightfully be called the grandfather of all anti-tank lances, developed by Von Bismark (VB) under the direction of founder Adolf von Bismark, a leader in explosives research. As the first major power to realize the tank's battle potential, the Empire was also active in developing the means for combating enemy tanks. The designation "PL" comes from the term "Panzer Lance."

  • Type: Anti-tank Lance
  • Class: Lancer, Lancer Elite
  • Length: 3366mm
  • Weight: 18.8kg
  • Barrel: N/A
  • Caliber: 105mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
VB PL XX(g)VB PL 4-5 120 850 B 500 1 N/A
VB PL X3(g)VB PL 4-5 120 1000 B 700 1 N/A

Note: Weapons with a (g) are captured Imperial Lances used by Gallian forces


  • The Lancaar and Theimer lances are effective against enemy tanks and fortifications. They are usually capable of destroying a tank with a few hits to the body or just a single hit to the radiator. Because moving a Lancer only costs one CP, the Lancaar and Theimer are the most cost-effective method for destroying enemy tanks. Although they can be used against enemy infantry, they deal no splash damage and thus require a direct impact in order to deal any damage. Due to their mediocre accuracy, this is generally difficult to achieve outside of close range and is not recommended unless no other units are available to attack with.
  • The Lancaar-SH series trade some anti-tank power for improved accuracy and increased effectiveness against infantry. It will deal substantially more damage to infantry and deal splash damage. It is most useful on maps where there are lots of entrenched enemies that need to be flushed out. However, once you unlock flamethrowers, the Lancaar-SH becomes less effective, as Shocktroopers will be able to accomplish the same task and are generally more versatile.
  • The VB PL is unusual among Imperial weapons in that it deals lower damage, but has higher accuracy than its Gallian counterpart. The lower damage is not a huge disadvantage against weaker tanks, as a single hit to the radiator will still be sufficient to destroy them. Against enemy boss vehicles, however, the VB PL will be noticeably weaker than the Lancaar or Theimer.


  • In Valkyria Chronicles, mortar can be fired into a tank's radiator, dealing massive damage, and usually destroying it.
  • In an artbook, an Imperial Mortar Lance can be seen. For reasons unknown, it is never seen in-game.


  • Lances seem to work off the same principle as the Panzerfaust, but they also seem to lack an opening at the rear. (The Imperial lances seen in the DLC Behind her blue flame have a rear opening.) This would result in extremely severe recoil, as the backblast of the rocket would have nowhere to go, thus causing severe injury if not gruesome fatality. Real life personal rocket weapons, like the Panzerfaust, eliminate this recoil by having an opening at the rear through which the backblast can escape. An alternate theory would suggest the Lance catapults the warhead off the launcher with a spring (a spring like entity is visible inside the casing on early Lancaar models as well as most Lancaar SH models) before engaging the rocket propellant. This theory would also explain why Mortar lance warheads seem to possess a nonexistant propellant and a rather short range (especially when compared to a typical tube type mortar).
  • The method of holding the lance is by placing the dominant hand on the handle towards the front (which on some models is inside the "hood" that extends backwards from the front) with the other hand gripping the rear tube/body of the lance. However, Gallian and Imperial designs differ in terms of where the trigger is placed. Gallian lances have their triggers on the rear tube, to be used by the hand placed there squeezing it. Imperial lances have their triggers placed on the front handle itself.
  • In canon, the size and pointedness of the Lance may lead one to assume that it is intended to bring images of a Valkyria to mind. This may explain why more practical designs, similar to the Bazooka or Panzerschreck, have yet to come into being, as well as the "knightly" image of a lancer from the medieval times.
  • In real life, an "anti-tank lance" existed, in the form of the Pzf. 44 Lanze, developed by Germany after WWII. This, however, resembled the RPG-7 or Panzerfaust-3 more than it did an actual lance.
  • The role filled by Mortar Lances is somewhere of that between personal grenade launchers such as the M79 "Blooper", and actual infantry mortars, which is normally used as an immobile short-range artillery piece. The Mortar Lance can be thought of as a very heavy, powerful grenade launcher, or a personal, mobile, short range, direct fire, all dancing mortar in terms of it's doctrine of use.

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