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Imperial Light Tank
Light Imperial Tank
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 6.69m
Width 3.02 m
Height 3.24m
Weight 24 tons
Top speed 45km/h
Engine power 330hp/1800rpm
Weapons Krimm N-327 37/45mm cannon
Krimm M-210 10/85mm mortar
Uranus 7.62 tank machine gun

The Imperial Light Tank was originally developed during the later stages of the First Europan War.


Although they were outclassed in both firepower and armor by their Federation counterparts, the light tanks saw considerable use during EWII. Weighing only 24 tons and boasting a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, the light tanks used their relative speed and agility to make up for their lack of armor.

The success of the Light Imperial tank led to the development of the Medium Imperial Tank during EWII.


  • The Light Tank draws from a mix of the Soviet BT series ("BT" standing for the Russian term for "Fast Tank"), as indicated by the hull, and the Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, as indicated by its tracks and the turret's position.
  • The multiple turrets are reminiscent of interwar tank designs, as many tanks during this period were outfitted with multiple turrets to increase firepower, but none of them were used much due to mechanical problems.
  • To prevent their being destroyed by low-level Scouts, the first two Light Tanks in the game have critical hit multipliers of 1.5 instead of the normal 10. This is why the light tank in Chapter 02: Retreat From Bruhl can take multiple hits to the radiator from the Edelweiss.
  • The Light Tank's gun icon describes the round as "Pg," most likely standing for "Panzergranate" (German) or "Protivotankovoĭ granatoĭ" (Russian).
  • During the Selvaria DLC, you can command an unarmoured version of this tank, but it is so weak (2-3 shots will kill it completely and 1 grenade is enough to destroy its treads) that it cannot be used effectively for anything other than a base holder. The DLC tank also features a very weak and exceptionally inaccurate version of the Uranus (Its aiming circle is about half the size of the screen) and a weak cannon (Also inaccurate and is also weaker than the lances your Lancers carry). The reason for this is probably due to the tank being equipped with tier 1 equipment while all your units are equipped with tier 4 equipment.
  • These tanks remain relatively unchanged in VCIII and look similar to their VC cousins, despite not having the side mounted turret due to game mechanics.
  • The Imperial Light Tank is the only mass-produced Imperial tank that appears in the animated adaptation of the game.


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