Lion's paw

Lion's Paw is a very hardy type of plant found in Europa.


Lion's Paw is a perennial plant found across Gallia with small, white, star-shaped blooms and seed tufts often carried off by the wind like tiny snowflakes. Its leaves spread close to the ground, with stalks bearing the flowers at their center. It became famous as the flower that war hero Welkin Gunther proposed with. The singer Rosie, who served with Welkin in the war, has also released a song with a Lion's Paw theme. It is said to symbolize an unbending spirit.


  • Alicia has a habit of scattering Lion's Paw seeds wherever she goes. In fact, one of these places, the west bank of the Vasal Bridge, is now covered in Lion's Paw and became a popular date spot.
  • When first trying to befriend Aliasse, Avan and Cosette showed her how to plant Lion's Paw.
  • The Edelweiss has a Lion's Paw painted on its turret.


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