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This article is about the Machine Guns in Valkyria Chronicles. For other uses, see Machine Guns (disambiguation).
Military Machine Guns are the main weapons of the Shocktrooper class and its sub-classes.

Gallian Submachine Guns Circa 1935Edit


EW1 saw a variety of firearms developed to suit a broad spectrum of needs. Among them, the machine gun's stopping power made it exceptionally popular, among arms masters, both within Gallia and abroad. Though models of all shapes and sizes saw use in combat, the Mags machine gun was especially prized on the front lines for its portability. Excelling in rapid-fire speed and ease, it exhibited unparalleled performance in the close quarters of trench and urban operations.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 661mm
  • Weight: 3540g
  • Barrel: 335mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
MAGS M1Mags-12 20 40 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M2Mags-12 21 40 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M3Mags-34 22 45 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M4Mags-34 23 45 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M1RMags m1r 28 58 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M3RMags m3r 31 59 D 200 20 N/A

Mags MXXEdit

An elongated barrel gave this model even greater rapid-fire capabilities than the original. Between the noticeable change in size and performance, this series was given two-digit model numbers. A water-cooled system and fully retooled action yielded smoother firing, and made chambering and shell ejection failures a thing of the past. For soldiers on the front lines, those little mishaps could easily spell death. This series allowed them to fight with one less thing to worry about.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 992mm
  • Weight: 4830g
  • Barrel: 459mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
MAGS M10Mags m101112 25 50 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M11Mags m101112 26 51 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M12Mags m101112 27 52 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M20Mags m202122 30 54 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M21Mags m202122 32 55 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M22Mags m202122 34 56 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M30Mags m30 37 58 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M10RMags m10r 33 60 D 200 20 N/A
MAGS M20RMags m20r 36 61 C 220 20 N/A
MAGS M30RMags m30r 40 60 C 240 20 N/A


Developed as a powered-up version of the Mags line, the MAJ-X's initial designs called for it to fire reinforced shells, which caused too much of a strain on the gun's body to maintain its durability. Instead, the weapon's makers crafted special bullets that caused secondary damage to the target upon impact. Though this succeeded in increasing damage, the new rounds were prone to jams while chambering, a problem ultimately solved by limiting the number of rounds held in the firearm's magazine.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 990mm
  • Weight: 4830g
  • Barrel: 459mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
MAJ-X M1Maj-x m123 20 47 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M2Maj-x m123 21 48 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M3Maj-x m123 22 49 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M10Maj-x m101112 25 51 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M11Maj-x m101112 26 52 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M12Maj-x m101112 27 52 D 180 15 Atk Down
MAJ-X M20Maj-x m20 30 54 D 180 15 Atk Down


A thorough redesign from the ground up gave birth to this vastly improved gun. Countless variants on the Mags existed, but the base was fast approaching its limitations. The key to progress was a loading device invented by Professor Theimer for use in tank machine guns. Built around that device, the T-MAG saw a large magazine and vast improvements in clip size and firing speed.

The "T" in the line's name was added in deference to the professor who made its creation possible.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 1014mm
  • Weight: 3720g
  • Barrel: 492mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
T-MAG 1T-mag 12 21 49 D 200 25 N/A
T-MAG 2T-mag 12 22 50 D 200 25 N/A
T-MAG 10T-mag 101112 22 52 D 200 30 N/A
T-MAG 11T-mag 101112 23 53 D 200 30 N/A
T-MAG 12T-mag 101112 25 54 D 200 30 N/A
T-MAG 20T-mag 20 25 56 D 200 35 N/A


  • While these are labeled as machine guns in the game, their small magazine size and extremely short range means in real-world terms they would be classified as either assault rifles or submachine guns(SMG); for example, the ZM MP B is almost a direct copy of the German WWII SMG, the MP40.
  • The Gallian Mags and T-MAG weapons appear to have similar appearance to the German MP-43/StG-44, but the evolutions of the T-MAG heavily resemble Kalashnikov-pattern rifles externally.
  • The MAJ-X weapons, while the receiver is unchanged, has a barrel shroud that may point to the American Thompson Light Rifle of 1941, which was an enlarged Thompson M1A1 in .30 Carbine with a barrel shroud which heavily resembled the MAJ-X's, as a degree of inspiration.

Captured Imperial Submachine Guns Circa 1935Edit


The ZM MP boasts a degree of refinement so high it was lauded as Zechmeister's ultimate masterpiece. Excelling in firepower, accuracy and portability, it represents the pinnacle of everything required of a machine gun. Further sweetening the deal is the high concentration of pressed parts, easily manufactured at low cost. With these guns in hand, Imperial forces crossed Europa unchecked by the Federation and other nations.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 673mm
  • Weight: 3630g
  • Barrel: 315mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
ZM MP 1(g)ZM MP 1(g) 31 55 E 80 20 N/A
ZM MP 2(g)ZM MP 2(g) 33 57 E 80 20 N/A

Note: Weapons with a (g) are captured Imperial Machine Guns used by Gallian forces.


This remodeled ZM MP boasts a modified barrel allowing for the use of specialty rounds without any loss in performance. Its construction remains 90% true to the original, meaning that the existing pool of mass-produced MPs could be converted into their B-series cousins by swapping out a few simple parts. Despite being introduced relatively late in the war, this line of firearms saw a considerable amount of use in the field.

  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 966mm
  • Weight: 3880g
  • Barrel: 485mm
  • Caliber: 9mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
ZM MP 3(g)ZM MP 3(g) 35 58 D 120 20 N/A
ZM MP 4(g)ZM MP 4(g) 40 59 D 120 20 N/A
ZM MP 5(g)ZM MP 5(g) 45 60 D 150 20 N/A
ZM MP 6(g)ZM MP 5(g) 47 60 D 150 25 N/A
ZM MP X3(g)ZM MP 5(g) 75 60 E 150 25 N/A

Note: Weapons with a (g) are captured Imperial Machine Guns used by Gallian forces.


A specialty gun crafted by an arsenal under the Emperor's direct command and in conjunction with ZM Corp, it marries the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the power of a heavy machine gun. Its muzzle-dampening system and drum-shaped magazine together yield a fearsome, rapid-fire performance. Quite rare, Selvaria Bles was the only member of the Gallian invasion force to possess one. Named "Glory," this weapon was granted to her directly from Maximilian as a reward for her service.

Ruhm VC1
  • Type: Submachine Gun
  • Class: Shocktrooper
  • Length: 1477mm
  • Weight: 13500g
  • Barrel: 1037mm
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
Model VsPsnl VsArmor Aim Range Shots Effect
Ruhm 35 75 A 540 20 N/A


  • The Ruhm is a altered MG34.
  • Ruhm is the german word for fame, which may be a referance to the reputation of the ruhm's base gun (MG34)
  • The ZM MPs feature a flip-up rear tangent sight like that used on the AK-47, with the front sight of an MP40. The overall appearance is a hybrid of MP40 and StG44; the notes regarding "pressed parts" reflect the general trend towards weapons designed for mass production during World War 2; in particular, it was a primary concern in the development of the StG44 and MG42, as there were never enough MP40s or MG34s to go around.
  • Zechmeister is probably named after Hugo Schmeisser, the designer of the original MP18; this was the first mass produced submachine gun. While the MP40 is often referred to as the Schmeisser, Hugo Schmeisser did not actually design it; his principle contribution to smallarms technology during the second world war was developing the 7.92x33mm Kurz cartridge and with it the first mass-produced assault rifle. The reasoning behind the name being changed to ZM probably involves Schmeisser's WW2 work with "United Suhl-Zella Mehlis Armament Makers," a large centralised body for coordinating manufacture.
  • The ZM MP's designation is probably from the German word "Maschinenpistole", meaning "machine pistol", used for a submachine gun.
  • The ZM MP 5 and later models appear to resemble AR-15-type rifles, such as the M16A1.


  • The MAGS series are best used in a general purpose anti-infantry role. Their relatively high accuracy combined with decent damage make them good all around weapons at close range.
  • The MAJ-X sacrifices firepower for added stat reduction effects. For offensive, MAJ-X is weak and its attack reduction effect will usually not make a huge impact unless the enemy takes several attacks to defeat (such as an ace or boss unit). MAJ-X excels in defense and long range support, as just a single hit will more than half the enemy's attack power, and may cause them to give up and end action without attacking.
  • The T-MAG has among the lowest damage ratings out of all the machine guns, however it have the largest magazine capacity out of all weapons in the game - up to 35 rounds. Thus, while its per shot damage is low, the T-MAG deals a very high total amount of damage per attack. This makes it very effective against enemy bosses and vehicles.
  • The ZM MP weapons follow the standard trend of the Imperial weapons, which emphasizes damage over accuracy and range. Their higher damage allow them to defeat enemy units with fewer hits, however with their poor accuracy you need to get pretty close to get enough hits. In fact, early models has less range than hand grenade. Like T-MAG, these properties makes the ZM MP more effective against vehicles, which are easier to hit.
  • The Ruhm is perhaps the most versatile weapon in the entire game, being very effective against infantry at both close and long range. It is also effective against vehicles, a single attack to the radiator is sufficient to destroy a heavy tank. While it is formidable as an offensive weapon, perhaps the Ruhm's greatest use is in defensive, because it can intercept enemy units from a very long range. Thus, by placing a unit equipped with the Ruhm at an elevated position with an unobstructed view of the battlefield, enemy movement is denied over a wide area.
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