Marberry shore

Squad 7 facing the shoreline defenses

A natural fortress surrounded by cliffs, the Marberry Shore was one of several stretches of open shore north of the Fouzen industrial region.


The Marberry Shore is but one portion of the nothern industrial coastal belt that includes the city of Fouzen. The beach, which looks like it has carved its way into the shoreline, leads up to a small plateau surrounded by sheer cliffs and rocky terrain. The cliff face is dotted with massive cannons and gunning stations to discourage any Gallian assaults. The Imperial encampment also includes a stronghold that is built into the boulders of the cliff itself, and it has come to be known as "the impenetrable fortress."

Due to the tactical value of this location, the Gallian army has sent numerous squadrons to overtake the Marberry Shore, but none of them were successful.

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