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Maria Schmeichel

Maria Schmeichel
VR Maria Schmeichel
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Kikuko Inoue
English TBA

Maria Schmeichel (マリア・シュマイケル Maria Shumaikeru?) is a young woman who manages an orphanage in Valkyria Revolution.


"Maria-senpai" was adored by Amleth and company like a mother, but she was kidnapped by Claudius, who was crown prince at the time. Even while she is 20 years-old, everyone thinks of her as motherly due to her overflowing love and kindness. She always gives priority to others over herself and says considerate things. To orphans who don’t know what it’s like to have a family, she is a sister, a mother, and a first love[1]


Following the defeat of Brunhilde, she reverts back into the form of Maria and passes away in Amleth's arms.


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