Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 142.5m
Width 35.2m
Height 35.8m
Weight 16,200 tons
Top speed 25km/h
Engine power 208,000hp
Weapons Valkof
Mustela 340mm cannon x2
Mustela 800mm cannon x2
Krimm N-6MX 130mm cannon x19
Uranus 37mm machine cannon x12
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations Damaged Plating 300 HP
Anti-tank turret x 4, 2,500 HP
Gatling turret x 3, 2,500 HP
Left heat sink 300 HP
Right heat sink 300 HP
Valkof 21,000 HP, defence 1,600, critical 2.1
Appearances Chapter 16: The Maiden's Shield
Chapter 18: Shadow of the Valkyrur

The Imperial land-dreadnought Marmota was Maximilian's ultimate weapon, designed to both recover and act as a mobile platform for the mighty Valkof.


Built to Maximilian's specifications in a joint effort with the Imperial navy, this vehicle blurs the line between tank and battleship in a new class called the "terrestrial dreadnought." Four engines and two propellers work in parallel to power this behemoth, allegedly developed as a mobile platform for the Valkof. An experimental artificial Valkyria apparatus is said to have been installed at the rear of its main deck.


  • It's not entirely clear what kind of vehicle the Marmota actually is; Eleanor Varrot describes it as a "battleship on legs" in the briefing for "The Maiden's Shield" despite it Marmota having none of such but it seems most likely it's a hovercraft, especially given the use of propellers to drive it.
    • During "Marmota's End", what appear to be tread impressions are visible in front of the Marmota, but on other occasions it does not leave such marks.
    • Early concept drawings of the Marmota do show multiple treads underneath the end closest to the Valkof's mount but it's impossible to tell if these are present in game, as the dust clouds obscure the Marmota's underside while in motion.
    • The Marmota may actually have been a fictional visualisation of a 'Landship' as real-life propsals exist such as: The T-42 and the Landkreuzer P-1000 and P-1500. However these designs proved difficult, to confirm with reality, in terms of structural integrity and manuvering issues especially on soft-terrain.
  • The structure resembling a bow is actually the stern and the Marmota spends half the scenes it appears in driving backwards.
  • While plans have been made for larger vehicles, the Marmota is around 2,000 tons heavier than the largest land vehicle ever built, a quarry excavator called Bagger 293.
    • The gun mounting seems to be based on the two large pylons either side of the excavator's bucket wheel; more obviously, though, Marmota resembles a marriage between an Ironclad-class warship and a large commercial hovercraft.
    • The vehicle's main mounting bracket closely mirrors the Schwerer Gustav an experimental project, by Nazi Germany, to which a large scale locomotive was fitted with a massive 80cm Howitizer. The rest of the Marmota looked more like an upscaled version of a vehicle design of a pair of Tiger II modified models fitted with a Krupp K5 railway gun.
  • HG Wells' story The Land Ironclads is often said to have anticipated the deployment of the first tanks. Wells' landships were a quarter of the length of the Marmota, but the vehicle itself was actually fairly typical of the way tank design was imagined to be heading in the early days; Armoured vehicles, the size of sea-faring warships, were often thought of as the future of land warfare.
    • Since the Valkyria Chronicles world does not appear to have any military fixed-wing aircraft to render extremely heavy and slow tanks obsolete, such a vehicle could conceivably have ended up being built.
  • Marmota is a genus of large terrestrial squirrels, the Groundhog being the most well-known member. Coupled with the Batomys, this may be used to conclude that Imperial designers may have a sense of humor in naming massive machines after small creatures; Similar to Nazi Germany which gave names to such prototypes, such as: The Panzer VIII, dubbed as the 'Maus' and a design proposal for a massive armored vehicle which would use a battleship turret named "Ratte" (Rat).
  • Despite being the highest-caliber rapid-fire weapons in the game, its 37mm gatlings are possibly one of the most pitiful weapons in game, dealing very little damage to anything but snipers and engineers.
  • Never leave your tanks where the Valkof can use its gatling beam attack on them, as it will seriously damage the Edelweiss and destroy the Shamrock.


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