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Medium Imperial Tank
Medium Imperial Tank
Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 5.95m
Width 3.35m
Height 2.98m
Weight 38 tons (standard)
38.5 tons (Calamity Raven variant)
Top speed 38km/h (standard)
40km/h (Calamity Raven variant)
Engine power 550hp/2150rpm (standard)
600hp/2150rpm (Calamity Raven variant)
Weapons Krimm N-324 24/76.2mm cannon
Krimm M-216 16/85mm mortar
Uranus 9mm machine gun

The Imperial Medium Tanks were a new standard in Imperial tank design during the Second Europan War.


A vast improvement over the previous models of Imperial tanks, over 12,000 units were constructed during the course of EWII. This success can be attributed to the increase in both armor and firepower over the Imperial light tank.

While the design of the Imperial medium tanks sacrificed the mobility of the previous models, this was made up for with a solid balance between armor, firepower, and speed. The medium tank was also easy to adapt and modify, leading to the production of numerous variants across the battlefield and earning it the nickname "Fatherland" by the Imperial soldiers who served alongside it.

Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete ArtworksEdit

This newer model of Medium Tank was assigned to Calamity Raven. Borgia's financial support allowed for an upgrade to the engine that provided greater horsepower.


  • This tank's design is based heavily on the Medium Mark III British interwar tank, with the differing design features being for artistic purposes rather than being based on other tanks.
  • These tanks remain relatively unchanged in VCIII and look similar to their VC cousins, but lack the rear firing machinegun, making them much safer to attack from the rear.
  • Despite having only one machinegun (both glossary and in-game), these tanks actually possess at least 3 machinegun barrels, 1 in the rear, 1 in the turret, and one next to the mortar.
  • These tanks fill a similar role as the Shamrock in the fact that they can be either cannon/mortar, machinegun, or flamethrower mounted. The machinegun and flamethrower mounted tanks are uncommon, with the machinegun mounted type in particular only appearing inside Citadel Ghirlandaio during the fight with Selvaria.
  • Unlike other vehicles in Valkyria Chronicles, the Imperial Medium Tank's field of interception fire faces backwards rather than forwards. This can cause difficulties for infantry sneaking up for a close-quarters radiator shot.
  • In Jann's Challenge, a Medium Tank+ appears. This version has a weak anti-tank cannon but very large mortar range.


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