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  • More or less modeled after Valkyria Chronicles 3 Chapter List in terms of internal page structure.

    Naming-wise I like prefixing VC4: for the "game data" articles, kind of giving them a pseudo namespace. Chapter names have in-game English titles, so I'm using them as-is (still possible that the English localization will change the name later, in which case we'll just have to rename the articles, and add a trivia note about different official English spellings). For mission names there wasn't any in-game English, and any translation I attempt (or any other Japanese-fluent wiki contributor comes up with) has a high chance of not exactly matching what the English localization will end up using, so I decided to follow the VC3 example and use the original Japanese names for now, and we will just have to rename them when the English localization become available.

    The biggest possible controversy/debate here would be the prefix system. I would propose that they are used only for articles specific about game-specific data/system, and do not apply to articles for lore or real world things.


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  • It seems on this wiki often the Biography section simply contains a character's profile description or in-game "Personnel" data, as opposed to being actual biography (I just checked, English VC1 doesn't call it "Biography"). And then there are things that are partially in-game text but partially edited, which from a copyright/license perspective can technically be an issue (derivative writing).

    I doubt the wiki would actually get into trouble for in-game text. Whereas if there are source book or art book text, those would be have a higher potential for copyright problems. There's a difference between documenting information found in a book, versus "plagiarizing" the text of the book.

    I would suggest official in-game text (or other official/copyrighted text) be placed in <blockquote> tags (and identify where it is quoted from, so that people would only edit it to correct any quoting mistakes). The in-game "Personnel" text would belong in "Profile" but not "Biography". "Biography" would be a main article section that is merged with "History" and/or "Story", and avoid direct copy (and shallow edits) of copy-righted text. Some characters, especially squad members that aren't central to the main plot, might only have "Profile" descriptions without a "Biography".

    I also have a separate issue where I feel a person's biography should belong on the character's main character article as opposed to being split out on a subpage. A person's biography should be the second most important aspect of a character needing textual description. If the main article is too long, it would be the other stuff that gets split out from the main article (such as a multi-paragraph treatise on different outfits that barely tells me anything more than an image gallery would).

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    • BTW I'd like the following to be added to both MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Wikia.css:

      .WikiaArticle blockquote {
          background: #fdf6e3;
          color: black;
          padding: 5px 10px;

      The <blockquote> tag is currently used on some weapon articles such as Lancaar. The css rules would add a background color for the blockquoted, whereas currently it only gets an indentation that isn't always very visually distinguishable.

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  • One example is Rosie. Should her primary article be Brigitte "Rosie" Stark and have Rosie redirect to it? or should it be the opposite?

    Another example is "Kai". In chapter one it was made quite clear that it wasn't her real name, and there seemed to be another "Kai". The Kai we start the game with, her real name is Lina Schulen.

    In this case I think it is super justified for Kai Schulen to be a disambiguation page. If Claude simply say "I got this pencil from Kai some time ago" with no additional context, I would have no way to guess which Kai he is talking about.

    What I'm not sure is, does the female Kai's article get named [[Kai Schulen (fake)]] or [[Kai Schulen (1935)]] or [[Lina Schulen]]? and does the real Kai's article get named [[Kai Schulen (real)]] or [[Kai Schulen (original)]] or, because most of the time in VC4 he uses a fake name (alias), should the that be the name of his main article?

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    • Hmm, with Kai Schulen being the article for the overall identity, I think we either should have no picture, a picture including all the different people who have used this identity, or a gallery of pictures of the different people who have used this identity.

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    • I would go with including the pictures of both Kai Schulens if that's the case. :O

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  • High-level thoughts

    1. I don't think article names like [[Chapter 06: Infiltrate Imperial Territory (Pt.1)]] are suitable nowadays, with this wiki encompassing multiple games.
    2. I want to separate story/lore from gameplay. Chapters that contain two battles right now gets split into Pt1 and Pt2, but from a story perspective that's usually not a natural split. It is an unnatural way to split the chapter because whoever designed it didn't want to put two gameplay battle missions into the same article (the motivation is understandable). I think the solution is to each separate gameplay battle mission into their own articles, while having chapter articles (story articles) reference the battles, and the battles contain super brief explanation of the background story context while linking back to the chapter articles.
    3. What complicates matter even more is, at least with the Trial version's Chapter 1 and 2, each battle mission itself is divided into two parts. So if a certain chapter has two battle missions, and the battle mission themselves have two parts, it can get rather awkward to refer to the second part of the first mission etc under existing naming scheme.

    My VC4 arrived, so after I get home from work I'll start playing and add more notes and experiment with new formats that might be different from how VC1~VC3 articles are currently structured. As you see me trying to organize things for VC4, please bring up any thoughts/feedbacks/concerns earlier rather than later (-:

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    • From what I've seen and heard (can't speak Japanese sadly, shit with languages, so gotta wait till autumn), VC4's missions play in a different way with changing objectives being far more common.

      Experimentation is a good thing, and I think splitting Battles from Story content will result in less cluttered pages making it easier to find the story content and the battle information.

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    • Yeah, it can get pretty cluttered very fast with what we currently have.

      I agree with the points you bring above regarding the naming, and the content of the pages. In general, I always thought there should have been an actual page summarizing story content solely so I think I could come up with something for that. Regarding the mission pages, brief explanation would probably come from how the game summarizes the mission so we can use that and tie in the story as a link in the page somewhere.

      Have fun with the game!! I have to wait until Fall for my copy so totally jealous!! xD And I certainly will, whenever I'm not at work. :)

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  • Take a look at the general visual concept of tabs on w:c:ReLife:Chizuru Hishiro (in the infobox) and see if the way they stack on multiple lines is something you would be interested (ignore exact color, size, shape etc) to be applied to the article tabs on pages like Alicia Melchiott. It's just some CSS and DOM formatting tricks.

    To be completely frank, the article tabs here look simply like "links in boxes" to me, especially when they go more than one line...

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  • My recent edit on Edy Nelson (which was reverted) highlights certain issues I have found with certain disambiguation pages on this wiki.

    First of all, the Edy Nelson in VC1 is the same character as the Edy Nelson in VC2, VC3, and VC4. The existing wording on that disambiguation page implies that the Edy Nelson in VC1 and the Edy Nelson in VC2 are different characters, which is misleading/wrong.

    Second, given the wording "The character from Valkyria Chronicles 2", when I click on the "character" link, I would be expected to be taken to a character page. However, when I do click on that link, the first sentence I read is "This is not a character page." That is disjarring and confusing and weird.

    My edit on the page was an attempt to address the above two points. If you understand the issues I raised but think the specific wording I chose were not good, I would like to discuss alternate wordings to address the issues. If consistency throughout the wiki is a major concern, I am willing to spend a weekend cleaning up other pages as well.

    (a related third point would makes the above two points all moot... but I'll split that into a separate post as a separate discussion)

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    • Retcons and difference in the anime I think can be covered in a trivia section at the bottom of the page, while retaining the overall encyclopedic feel of the main article text.

      Multi-phase consistency plan for characters pages:

      • Phase 1 - start with characters who have multiple cannon appearances
      • Phase 2 - work on characters who have multiple appearances
      • Phase 3 - work on "core" characters (subjective criteria, but as an example any squad member who can permanently die due to player action/choice I would consider not "not core")
      • Phase 4 - work on remaining characters

      I just got notified that my VC4 has shipped last night. If it arrives by this weekend, then I will prioritize adding VC4 info to the wiki first. Otherwise I'll start working on character articles.

      As for weapons, for the VC4 weapon articles I'd like to try out not adding the flavor text to the stat lists for now (which is what most of our VC2 and VC3 weapon stat list articles are currently doing as well) and only link to the weapon articles and see how that goes. Once I'm done with VC4 and with character articles, we can come back and look at whether to add the flavor text into the weapon stat listing articles again.

      How does that sound?

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    • Nice work on the phases, it all sounds very exciting, I'm down to start the process when possible. Maybe start off with a page edit and we can use that as a model for the rest of the other pages.

      Great to hear about your order, hopefully it comes soon! xD And it's no problem whichever you wanna do, depends on your motivation.

      Weapons-wise, hmm. Maybe just keep the flavor text in a sandbox page somewhere for the time being, I'm interesting in seeing how it'll turn out. So yes, feel free to remove it for now.

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  • And now finally here are the Empire characters.

    Crymaria Levinc

    A member of the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, “X-0.” A special duty captain, she is a Valkyria who possesses miraculous ability, and can even has the power to destroy a tank with a single blow. She was forced to live as an experimental body and was unable to build up normal human relations, so she does not like to associate with others. She appears cold, cruel, and silent, but given that she was at the Valkyria Experimental Facility up until just before she was assigned to X-0, she is mentally immature and ends up revealing her emotions. While there are some who treated her as a normal human after escaping her life as an experimental body, her long stay at the Experimental Facility caused her to developer a strong inferiority complex, and as a result she seeks out the warmth of others. She is also a being of legend on the battlefield revered as “Witch of the Snowstorm” for the way she enters and leaves the battlefield with a snowstorm. She is accompanied by a wolf named Fenrir, who is a friend from her time at the Experimental Facility.

    Klaus Walz

    The commanding officer of the Imperial Army’s independent gang known by the name “Ausbruch.” He is a lieutenant colonel. He is OK with anything as long as it interests him and does not bother with trivial matters, but will fixate on important things and hunches to the very end. In that sense, he will obediently follow his brimming curiosity. Because he believes in his own intuition and keen nose to make quick decisions and take action, he makes mistakes from time to time and tends to jump to conclusions, but that is also the reason for his great success and one of his personal charms. Since he lost his mother at a young age and grew up under the protection of the townspeople, he fights with the strong desire to protect the people living in the Empire, as well as a strong conviction to protect his homeland. He relentlessly pursues Squad E, which he calls “Femme Fatale.”


    A special duty captain among the tactical officers in the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, X-0. He is a man with great confidence in himself, who is always calm and has a strong spirit that does not frighten. He judges all matters and takes action with a cool and dry attitude, but if his opponent exceeds his expectations or the like, he rides that emotion and loses sight of his surroundings. He always thinks he is right and has a strong determination to see things through. Due to a leg injury, he cannot participate directly in battle, but Belgar, who acknowledges Forseti’s talents and invited him to join X-0, he acknowledges Forseti as someone with clever and rational ideas that remind him of himself.


    Supervisor of the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, X-0. He is the top executive at the Imperial Science Institute, which develops various heavy weapons according to the Empire’s requests. As a noble from a country annexed by the Empire, he has no feelings of patriotism for the Empire, but has had interest in science and technology since childhood. He procures funds from the Empire in order to acquire that technological strength for the military and continue his own studies. He both a natural politician and stubborn, and established a position in the military and gained fame in order to help his family name. He has the authority of an admiral, and with X-0 as the chess pieces under his direct control, he does whatever he desires on the battlefield.

    Nikola Graf

    A special group member of the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, X-0. Like Chiara, she works under Belgar and was raised alongside Chiara like a sister in the Imperial Research Institution from a very young age. As a bodyguard under Belgar’s direct control, she is assigned the duty of eliminating Belgar’s enemies. Because her body has been strengthened through repeated “adjustments,” her spirit is partly broken and she lacks a humanistic way of thinking. She is sadist who loves to torment others, but is the malicious type who likes to drive the enemy into a corner mentally rather than through direct violence.

    Chiara Rocino

    A special group member of the Imperial Science Institute’s special test unit, X-0. She was raised alongside Nikola like sisters in the Imperial Research Institute overseen by Belgar. She is obedient to Belgar and will abide by any command, but given that Belgar is both someone she owes her life to and a “father,” she only considers it natural. Also, harsh “adjustments” await for when she does not abide by his commands. She has a strong desire to be recognized by Belgar, who she calls her “father,” and not be cast aside, and often acts selfishly. Like Nikola, she loves to torment others, but unlike Nikola, Chiara does so with straightforward and relentless physical violence.

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  • Here’s the info on the rest of the Federation characters

    Angelica Farnaby

    An energetic and brave civilian girl who finds her way into Squad E. When they found her, she could not remember anything except her name. Much about her is unknown, including the events that led to her involvement with Squad E. Rather than have a child-like selfishness, she is a kind-hearted character who cares about those around her. She is offered protection under the care of the military physician, but proposes to help by taking care of meals, laundry, cleaning, and so on. Her cheerful personality has also made her popular among the helper soldiers, who nicknamed her “Ange.”

    Minerva Victor

    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad F leader and first lieutenant. She was in the same class as Claude at Edinburgh Military Academy, and graduated second in their class. She worked and studied very hard to graduate at the top of her class, but was not able to surpass Claude. Since then, she sees Claude as a strong rival who she believes was chosen by mistake, insisting that her own abilities are superior. Due to her father’s influence, she has a strong sense of elitism, and values the chivalrous spirit of a fair battle. On the other hand, she can be stubborn and persistent about trivial thin, but there is no doubt she is a skilled military officer. Minerva was actually promoted earlier than Claude, and is his senior first lieutenant. She is sociable and kind to others—except Claude.

    Karen Stewart

    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E medical officer and corporal. Quiet and kind, she’s popular among the troops for her soothing smile. Since she grew up in an all-male household, she is particularly skilled in the treatment of men, and patches up the injuries that come her way with a smiling face. She hopes to go to medical school, but is volunteering to serve in the military in order to help her family.


    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E medical dog and mascot of the unit. He was originally a stray found by the squad. He became attached to Claude and company, and joined Squad E. He is a brave dog who will fearlessly run to the battlefield even during gunfires and bombings to aid injured soldiers. He cannot ignore the weak and will run to their aid against better judgment. He is prideful and gets angry when people pat his head, but behaves courteously to soldiers who give him food (especially women). He sees Claude and company as rookies, and feels obligated to help them when he senses danger. However, such thoughts do not reach Claude and company, who see Ragnarok as a friendly, foolish dog.

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  • Okay. Well first off Here’s the info I’ve found for the four Squad E characters first.

    Here’s Claude.

    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E squad leader and tanker. A first lieutenant. He is a serious, passionate, and caring commanding officer. He is a talented individual who graduated at the top of his class at Edinburgh Military Academy. He has no military shortcomings, and in addition to military skills, he has an animalistic intuition in regard to the weather and climate. His “Revelation of the Wind,” a perfect guess of the change in weather from a few minutes to several days later, often ends any stalemate. He has a strong determination to accomplish his objective, and even in the face of a difficult mission, inspires his comrades with his fiery determination.

    Riley Miller

    A member of the Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Batallion’s Heavy Weapons Support Team and a grenadier. A second lieutenant technician with great scientific ability, who is prideful and has great confidence in herself, and is a genius in Ragnite engineering. She specializes in mental arithmetic and physical calculation, and thus exhibits talent in ballistic calculation as a gunner. She and Claude are childhood friends, but it seems that something that occurred in the past, as they are currently not on speaking terms. Before the war, her Ragnite engineering talent enabled her to skip a grade and advance to the University of the United States of Vinland. She is positive and cheerful, and ambitious in that she pushes forward without fear of failure.


    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E division officer and Assault soldier. His rank is sergeant. He is aggressive and quick to get into fights, and talks with a rough tone. Since his people, the Darcsen, once devastated the continent, they are still persecuted to this day and do not have surnames. His physical ability is very high, to the point where he calls himself “Immortal Raz,” and both his physical strength and agile nature make him incredibly efficient as a soldier. He tends to be misunderstood due to his clumsy personality, but he is extremely caring of his friends

    Kai Schulen

    Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E division officer. She is a sniper master sergeant. She is Claude, Raz, and Riley’s childhood friend, and is usually silent and blunt. With the nickname “One Shot Killer,” she is a prodigy sharpshooter whose eyes conceal a strong purpose. Also, her physical strength is second to none when compared to a common soldier. While she may sound mannish and curt when she speaks, she is actually very mature and kind. She loves fresh-made bread.

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  • I found that on Gematsu, there’s a lot more info about the characters for VC 4. If you want, I can send you the info that I’ve found if you’re intersted. Figured that it might help.

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