Mid-Rank Engineer Exam
Area Effect Night
Number of units 6
CP Start 8, 8 per turn
Turns for A rank 6
Objectives Escort APC reaches target
Failure conditions Escort APC Defeated
Allied base camp captured
20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Enemy vehicles Fixed-weapon-insigniaAnti-Tank Turret x 2
Fixed-weapon-insigniaCannon Tower x 1
Enemy officers 3 total:
Engineer-insigniaEngineer Elite
Enemy ace(s) Engineer-insigniaJoshuda Springwind
Ace Location Area 5 [D2]

Briefing Edit

A mid-rank exam to test engineer class skills will be held in Leanbluff Forest.

Move the escort APC to the target point in area 5 to earn a passing grade.

Good luck.


  • Make sure Avan is classed as an Engineer or one of its subclasses before beginning, as all non-Engineer squad members cannot be deployed. In the same vein, ensure that the group you bring to this mission has all available Engineer squad members in it.
  • Enemies crouching behind sandbags or crawling in grass will be difficult to deal with due to the lack of grenades. Either run them over with the Escort APC to knock them away, or concentrate fire with multiple squad members.
  • Watch out for mines as you advance, Engineers have low Defense and HP and are unlikely to survive. The Escort APC also cannot afford to take too many hits.
  • There is an AT Turret up in the middle of Area 4, so don't leave your Engineers up there until it's destroyed. In addition, there may be a few enemies hidden in the grassy areas on the way to the gateway camp.
  • There is a Cannon Tower in the middle of Area 3, don't bother engaging it. Run past it as quickly as possible to capture the next gateway camp (which is guarded by at least 1 crouched enemy), then move the Escort APC past it. Don't leave the Escort APC within its sight range.
  • There are always an AT Turret and 3 Lancers (1 crouched) in Area 5, so clear them out before moving in the Escort APC. The AT Turret can be easily dealt with by advancing up the small path to the west, which gives a good shot at its vulnerable rear. The two southern enemies (always a Lancer and an Engineer Elite) are crouched, so using the Escort APC to break their cover might be helpful once the other Lancers are dealt with.
  • The enemy Ace is always crouched behind the sandbags right in front of the objective. He may leave cover if your units are fighting elsewhere on the map and there aren't any targets for him in range. If he does not, carefully break the sandbags with the Escort APC and try to shoot him from behind.


Base Reward
EXP 29978
DCT 11683
Weapon Parts Warpick Parts Wrench Head C
Enemy Ace Reward
Weapon Plan Plan VC2 RF101
Ace Drop 1 Lance Parts Thrud g1
Ace Drop 2 Gun Parts Goll g2
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Rare Metal LV2 Rare Metal C Lv2

Rare Metal LV2 Rare Metal B Lv2
Rare Metal LV2 Rare Metal A Lv2
Special Units Bonus
Plywood LV2 Plywood C Lv2
Oak LV3 Oak B Lv3
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2
Rare Metal LV2 Rare Metal A Lv2
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Rare Metal LV2 Rare Metal B Lv2
Oak LV3 Oak A Lv3
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Oak LV3 Oak C Lv3
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Plywood LV2 Plywood A Lv2


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