Nameless Tank
Nameless tank
Technical Information
Affiliation Gallian
Length 7.02m (body)
7.92m (w/ turret)
Width 3.36m
Height 2.20m (body)
3.27m (w/ turret, not including antenna)
Weight 22.9t (body)
34t (w/ turret)
Top speed 50km/h
Engine power 570hp/3300rpm

The Nameless Tank is the main vehicle used by Squad 422 in Valkyria Chronicles 3. It was initially commanded by Gusurg and, later, Carisa Contzen.

Information on what it can be equipped with can be found here.


Before Kurt's transfer to the Nameless, the tank serves as the squad's primary assault vehicle throughout the war. Even by the war's conclusion and the squad's disbandment, the Nameless tank makes an important attendance at Kurt and Riela's wedding (following her epilogue) with the number 06 embedded on the front hull as Gusurg's attendance and honor.

Complete Artworks

Compared to the Gallian Army's Medium Tank B, this tank has a smaller turret but also a smaller front face which makes it harder to hit. Like the Edelweiss, the Medium Tank C is rounder than the Medium Tanks A and B, which allows it to deflect incoming fire and reduce the damage taken from shots by spreading their impact. The six wheels are also larger, granting the Medium Tank C greater maneuverability. Also, the cannon barrel features rifling.

Technical Information

Canonically, the Nameless Tank consists of the Medium Tank C frame paired with the Standard Turret+, the combination of which looks rather similar to the Edelweiss II from the first game. However, for gameplay reasons, this tank is fully customizable like the one in VCII and can even be an APC.


  • Due to the customization abilities, the Nameless tank may be a precursor to the Type 36 of VCII, although the customization could just be a gameplay point and the canonical tank is always the same.
  • The canon design draws off the King Tiger for both the hull and the turret, the latter of which resembles the prototype turret used on the early versions.
  • Both the canon turret and body exist in game yet are not paired during the demo, this may be because the canon turret is either too weak or too strong for the enemies in the demo.
  • Just like the tank in VCII, this tank is nameable.
  • The tank's number plate has "Rnd.b.t.2" listed as its manufacturer, with "Rnd" standing for Randgriz. Given that the Edelweiss has "b.t" listed in the same place, which stands for "Belgen and Theimer", this implies that there's a connection between the two tanks.
  • The Nameless Tank, along with the Edelweiss, will make their crossover appearance in the mobile online game  World of Tanks Blitz for a limited time from September 15th-30th, 2016. Also, Nameless is now playable as Japanese Tier VIII Heavy Premium Tank in World of Tanks PC (for ASIA Server only) and World of Tanks Console (Worldwide) for a limited time only.


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