Nikola Graf

Nikola Graf
VC4 Nikola Gref
Affiliation Imperial Army
Unit X-0
Science Board
Rank(s) Second Lieutenant
Role Paramilitary Enforcer
Unit Class Scout-insigniaScout

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Voice Acting
Japanese Naomi Ōzora
English Kate Higgins
"You ruin our plans, then whine about how you didn't want to!? Honestly... you are useless."
—Nikola Graf

Nikola Graf (ニコラ・グレフ Nikora Gurefu?) is an antagonist from Valkyria Chronicles 4. An enforcer of X-0. Like Chiara, she acts as Belgar's bodyguard. She is sadistic as well, but unlike Chiara, Nikola is the malicious type.[1]




Extremely sadistic, and truly enjoys psychologically torturing her victims. Though tasked with overseeing Chiara and Crymaria, she often harasses them. Due to certain "calibrations" done by Belgar, she's become a brutal and loyal soldier. However she has also become emotionally unstable. Belgar's final calibrations ultimately shattered her mind.


Imperial Second Lieutenant, age 20. A member of experimental weapons squad, X-0. She and Chiara were taken in by Heinrich Belgar at a young age. Though she and Chiara seem like they could be close, she looks down on Chiara as a simpleton. They may be more alike than they'd ever admit. Fixated on his words that "Failure would not be tolerated", she self-destructed taking Belgar with her.



  • In the 10th Anniversary Illustration Book, her name is spelled "Nicola Gref" in English.


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