Ophelia Augusta af Jutland

Ophelia Augusta af Jutland
VAR Ophelia
Affiliation Jutland
Role Princess
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Saori Hayami[1]
English TBA

Ophelia Augusta af Jutland (オフィーリア・アウグスタ・ア・ユトランド Ofīria Augusuta A Yutorando?) is the Princess of Jutland that opposes the Rus Empire.[2] She is able to manipulate Song Magic and is a member of the country’s "Anti-Valkyria Unit," which is widely known as the "Vanargand"[3] and she wields a stylized sword that has a blue glow when used in battle. She's the heroine and main female protagonist of Valkyria Revolution.

Appearance Edit

Ophelia is a beautiful young woman who appears to be close to the same height as Violette and Miranda. Her body is slim and has large breasts. She has long black hair and wears a golden headband with red ribbons and white flowers on both sides. She wears a sleeved white dress resembling a ball gown that goes down to her thighs. The dress itself has bows and buckle straps, with a buckle strap over her chest. She wears boots that almost go up to her knees, gauntlets protecting her arms and a ribbon tied across her neck.

Profile Edit

Personal PotentialsEdit

Potential Description


Valkyria Revolution
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